Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


That's how I read them now, but I hadn't heard the voices on my first read through.

In my head Abe sounded older and kinda like a cowboy.


She lives!!!


im gonna guess its sunny, tarvold, and slims stories next. cant wait!


There really ought to be a comic made of these. To be completely honest, while I found the reading fluid and easy, with rich description and language, I had a very difficult time imagining the actions taking place. I had such a rough time I didn't make it past the first story and I love to read this stuff.I will return again to the story for a re-read but I'm just saying...had a hard time picturing all those space activities and what Sunny did that was so awesome steering the ship into the ship? Still unsure what went down. I feel rather foolish not grasping the imagery. I would so love this to be a comic because to me, I could imagine the key scenes a bit better.


CANNOT WAIT for more background on all of this! Hope to continue to see more of these tales as the game progresses. Every time Abe talks about something I can clearly hear his voice and see his expression! It's glorious!


@Matthew if you guys were to put out comics for these, I know a huge swath of people playing the game would be reading them. Hell, people outside of the Evolve community may even pick them up and get interested enough in the universe to buy the game and start hunting. I think it would be a great move on all fronts. This needs to happen!!!


I'm more of a reader and less of a comic guy I guess, since I prefer to visualize what is happening through words rather than defined pictures.


I never thought I would like comics, but recently I have gotten really into web comics though I've always been a book man.


They seem really expensive for how much story you get, and I find more satisfaction in a fuller story that books can tell.


Oh, I'd never buy them. But reading free ones is nice, all the ones I read are more story oriented anyway.


A good story makes my imagination go rampant. It can be done with comics, too (for the bit between the pictures), but with a text you have to imagine ALL the things.


Will there be a story about Slim and how his DNA was fused with that of an insect? I heard Val talking about that mutagen war and where she talked about insects or so.


MAKES GAME 1000000000000 times more interesting now!


Where is griffin! I want to know what the hell he's famous for lol


so I love evolve its all I play, I'm about to start on the lore , are the linked lore at the top of this page the only lore so far ?
Heard on 2k stream the writer has a whole universe based around evolve, I can't wait to get stuck in


Yup, those are the only stories released so far. Enjoy!


The stories are so cool. But I really would like to know how Sunny survived.


I think what they thought was the ships engine exploding was the ship diving. The Sword being shredded was the aftermath. They either didn't / couldn't figure out if they had been unhitched or Mason did it and just didn't care.


And while I see all the OP posts for the t4 hunters, I don't care. I'm just excited for the story, which should be pretty good if its taking this long, means that well have a long story, maybe like the sword.



And before I get yanked by my fellow forum brothers....this is sarcasm