Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


I do. I am better with Goliath than with Kraken, but that big bearded bad guy is my favorite!


Most people tend to judge by looks, it's not uncommon. stuck_out_tongue


"Badass" wasn't really a reference to Maggie's booty, but to her will to survive.


I know what you meant, no need to clarify. My comment went to the legs and stuff. wink


Lies! Slander! I never peeked at Val to my left or right when jumping out of the dropship! I never intentionally followed her to look at her backside!

Who keeps telling these things about me!


Of course you haven't. wink


Maggie isn't too hard on the eyes she just seems a little fierce but based on her conversation with Hyde she looks fiercer than she is.


Also, I never voiced a wish for 3rd person view.

And the spectator mode got me excited EXCLUSIVELY because of Daisy cam. I bet Val says "Not that close!" when you try spectator mode tricks on her!


Dunno, but didn't she stay quite a long time on Factor? All on her own? With just Daisy? Maybe witnessing every else dying? Doesn't need to make her fierce but kinda hard like a rock. (Except for Daisy)


Well she doesn't have much faith in other people/her team (stuff she says when she's the last one standing) whilst simultaneously considering The Crew her pack. Either which way that's all personality, physically she's just as good looking as Val just wrapped up in an aura that says don't get too close


Do you have any quotes at hand?


I think she says something about team and then spits. I'll be playing this evening so if I hear it I'll get more exact wording. As for the pack mentality she was talking about Ruva but I reckon she included herself when discussing with Lazarus how Daisy sees wild Trapjaws


I'm going to help out on this one.

"Team? Waste of time!"


Why, our good friend @Shin of course! Don't worry, you aren't alone. He slandered my name as well, with some...things...about Goliath. All lies, I tell you. LIES.


I think it would be SUPER cool if @matthew could maybe do the same thing he did with The Sword but instead with The Lazarus Men and Chem Troopers (Hyde and Lazarus) during The Basilisk Wars or whatever they're called.


Yes please. Hyde and Lazarus are my two favorite hunters. I was super bummed to read there aren't any current plans to release stories for them. Griffin too; he's easily top 5 hunters for me!


Need more of these!!


@Matthew you son of a gun! Sunny is alive! YAAAYYYY http://evolvegame.com/news/introducing-evolves-next-four-hunters


How many here would support a GoFundMe type site to see the rest of the stories brought to life? If we enjoy them that much we should be willing to compensate the time it would take...just saying smile


How many read those stories with the in-game character voices in your head?