Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


Conversely I also think her story would have the most spoilers pertaining to the main plot which is probably why hers is on ice. A pity as it would be pretty awesome.


Yes, we must have more.


@Matthew Are we getting any more stories anytime soon? I'm a little sad that we only have stories on 6/12 hunters so far. I love the your writing and would really love to see more of it


He's already said he's done with stories until the 4th tier hunters.


The problem with Maggie and Griffin and Lazarus and Hyde is that while I think there are cool stories there, I'm not sure I'm the one to tell them. The ideas I have are all visual. They'd make great comics! But boring prose, I think.


I HIGHLY disagree. I think you're underestimating how much we enjoy your stories and I was sad to see that more weren't posted.

But as a big request PLEASE do a story on how Cabot recruits Hyde.


You can always post them anyway; if the fans think they aren't up to the quality of your other stories they will be honest. Its not like you couldn't delete a post afterwards and if you decide its not good enough to fit the canon just remove it then improve it.

I for one, am eager to see what you come up with next.


Only problem I'd have with Maggies story is....she's basically Ellen Ripley.
Hydes story would have to be something Warhammer 40K inspired,surely.
I don't know about Laz,but I would LOVE to have some lore on the Lazarus men.

all in all...nothing bad with trying at least!


Well I mean the sword would've made an amazing comic as well, and cabots origin. Im sure the rest would make very interesting reads, we as evolve fans would eat it up instantly. In the end its up to you and your creative vision though.

P.S Evolve comics confirmed wink


Time to show us your artistic skills then? :wink: xD


We need to petition 2k for a comic then.


I don't think very many would buy them. I mean, we are a very, very, very small vocal minority. And it's got to be expensive to hire the artists and such, as well as the rest of the process. I doubt they'd turn a profit.

We can dream, though. stuck_out_tongue


That or @SledgePainter can do fan comics.


I would help, but making people blind isn't very nice. And that's what I'm likely to achieve by drawing anything. stuck_out_tongue


I once poked a hole in my friend's lip with a pencil... Straight trough.
It was his fault though, he walked into me!


...Of course. It was an accident. Nothing more. Whatever you say, sir. stuck_out_tongue


The key is not to tell Maggie's story, but to make Maggie tell it. With the VA voice!
(I know it's not :pensive:)


Maggie's my favorite hunter. I hope she gets her story out one day, with her childhood (making her necklaces and all), and then her being on the planet for so long, and her buying Daisy.


I thought Val was my fav - with those long legs and attractive stuff - but Maggie is pretty badass, too, has an awesome pet and I really dig that voice.


I don't judge by looks, I like Maggie because of her personality. I like the pack mindframe.