Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


Sounds like something people in the forum could do as well... could be fun.


If the artbook does really well any chance we might get a lore guide containing hunter backstories, the politics, the wars that took place and such like. Even an E-book only one would be quite good


I want HYYYDEEEEEE that sunova is my favourite hunter of them all!


When will we get more?!


This is a travesty, I'm writing to the UN


Start a petition to 2K.


tl:dr version of the below: Pretty good, not perfect, but still some of the best fiction I've read on the Internet in a long time and it's almost criminal how much backstory there is compared to how much of the story is actually told in the game.

After reading everything posted at the time of writing, I can safely say two things:

  1. I will almost certainly hate you with all of my hate if it turns out that most of the Evolve cast does not survive the events of the Evacuation storyline without getting these backgrounds shown or elaborated on in-game. This is way, way too much background lore for a team deathmatch game with, to use a Total Biscuit turn of phrase, a bunch of "faceless trousers." While not quite Bioware levels of awesome, this is still almost too good for the game as it is. Hopefully this is a sign of epic things for Evolve in the immediate future.

  2. If the amount of lore available in-game at launch is the same amount I saw in the Big Alpha (and according to a couple news sources I follow, there really isn't) then there is a grossly disproportionate, almost Destiny-level, of lore that hasn't been worked into the story. You need to find a way to fix that, possibly with a new, more L4D-style of campaign mode, possibly with other innovations.


Matt has stated that stories of the 2 new t4 hunters will be released when they have been revealed


I think Cabot's story should be listed last, FYI.


@Matthew , are there more stories coming? I don't want to sound demanding, but I would really love to see more of your writing regarding the EVOLVE universe, especially Lazarus' and Markov's stories


There will be stories related to the DLC hunters. I've posted everything I wrote for the first 12.


Will you be writing more for every hunter?


Sooo, does that mean the stories in this thread are the only ones that exist? That would be quite unfortunate, but I understand that as a writer you must have a lot on your plate. If more stories (other than the ones in this thread) exist, however, could you give a link to them? That would be much appreciated


Out of curiosity, is there any chance that some of this stuff will end up in the game somehow? Either as unlockable notes or journal entries or something? There's way too much good stuff here to keep it confined to the forums where only a few hardcore fans will see it!


Apart from the DLC heroes, yes.

This was all fiction I wrote in my spare time. After work, on the weekends. I did it to help share the background I'd developed for the Evolve Universe with the rest of the team.

I shared them with you guys because I thought you might dig it. smiley

My day job though is writing the thousands and thousands of lines of battle chatter and banter. We only got one writer, it's a lot of work.

That's not up to me, it's up to the guys who design the UI and unlockables, but in general I'm against it. I think reading large blocks of text in video games is an extremely poor experience and one the medium is badly suited for.

Comics or even like, radio plays of this stuff would be better. But, again, that's not up to me.

I don't see "there are people who play the game who don't know this stuff!" as a problem. To me, it's fine. The game is a complete experience, you don't need this stuff to have a good time or understand it.


Very true. It'd be way more difficult to fit that stuff into a game like this than something more story driven. I always liked the way Metroid Prime did things, where there was a lot of reading, but it worked because it felt like you were discovering messages from ancient civilizations and finding out more about where you are vicariously. It's not exactly possible to fit that kind of thing into a PvP game where you don't control the pace of your exploration.

Incidentally, I'd buy an Evolve comic or a book in a heartbeat!


"My day job though is writing the thousands and thousands of lines of battle chatter and banter. We only got one writer, it's a lot of work."

I've loved reading the stories but you've done a damn good job capturing the essence of each character in these conversations as well.


It's quite a shame they don't pay you for writing such good bio-stories, and I would like to thank you for dedicating your free time to write them. I, and many other people, sincerely appreciate the work you have done (as I said, I realize you have a lot on your plate as a writer).
As for inclusion of these stories into the game - I agree that the video game is not the best domain for this content. Perhaps they could make it into additional merchandise as comic books or video clips, but as for now the demand for them does not seem high enough to be worth the trouble of making all this stuff.
Again, thank you for your work



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Awesome work gentlemen


Noooo! I had hoped for some Maggie background! She seems to have a hell of a story to tell.