Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


And they said Caira had the best conversations


Most likely they're probably feared. A device that brings people back from the dead, humans would kill you if they even suspected you could have one/make one. Humans fear what they don't understand. So the device was probably banned, and made illegal. There were only 1000 made anyways (I'm pretty sure), and they're all keyed to the individuals DNA. So even if they got their hands on one, they wouldn't be able to replicate the effect.

In the end, humans are just morons.


The brain damage probably didnt help either.

Though in all seriousness, if an invention is life-improving enough it can outlast the stupid. When trains were first invented many people were convinced the 60mph speeds would rip the flesh from their bones but at the end of the day there will always be daredevils willing to attempt using the technology (only to be immediately dissapointed by the lack of skeletonising [and in the process of bitching to their friends about it, they spread word of how undangerous it actually is]).
(I wouldnt be surprised if more than one Hub soldier was resurrected on the battlefield and got pissed off by their lack of revenant powers)


I said that, and it's the truth :s

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Since I dont have anymore questions about Evolve lore but I still want to keep this thread going Im just going to ask @Matthew about something thats been bugging me for a while.
Why are their Pixar references in the tier four Hunters. Firstly Slim is named after this guy from Bugs Life
and I dont know if anyone else has noticed this but the movements that Torvald goes through in the selection screen are all poses you can see Buzz Lightyear perform in Toy Story 2.


you have peaked my interest....


well then crow might be their ratatouille reference because he also likes to try everything out, and he seems to also have a rather good sense of taste...:)...but maybe I'm wrong on this one...XD


Ask me about Slim's name in the stream tomorrow!




Just pinning this globally for a week so that people looking for the stories from tonight's stream can find them easier smile


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How about adding the Slim/Crow stories and updating the title? That would be awesome.


@Matthew have you ever thought about what the Basilisk War was like? The vehicles the rebels used. The type of weapons they had.
Just me? Okay.


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I wish there was a comic to all these amazing (canon) stories please some one make it happen


Well the threads been quiet for two weeks so I guess its question time again. (i would like to take this opportunity to thank @Matthew for always taking the time to answer my questions aswell as apologise that Im kinda running out of questions at this point)

Where do the Monsters come from? I realize that their origins are purposefully shrouded in mystery but surely you could at least confirm it if we managed to guess the correct answer. In that assumption I present my theories in order of most likely to least.
1: 4th Gen Basalisk soldiers - Speaks for itself.
2: Hub Experiment - Hub attempted to create its own race of genetically enhanced soldiers and were simultaneously awesome and terrible at it. Their creations escaped confinement and Hub proceeded to whistle nonchalantly and back away.
3: Interdimensional beasts/First contact - They are natural creations who just happen to be huge dicks.
4: Needlessly elaborate plan - The Monsters are in fact elaborate rubber suits worn by a series of corrupt businessmen looking to buy the land out from under the colonists (and they would have gotten away with it too if it werent for those meddling heavily-armed-adults-and-also-a-robot).


And relating to the king forts description


The first two options Matthew has talked about already. He mainly said any answer as simple as basilisk soldiers are the monsters isn't going to be it they want to keep the monsters origins unknown