Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)

How about adding the Slim/Crow stories and updating the title? That would be awesome.

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@Matthew have you ever thought about what the Basilisk War was like? The vehicles the rebels used. The type of weapons they had.
Just me? Okay.


not just you mate…:slight_smile:

I wish there was a comic to all these amazing (canon) stories please some one make it happen

Well the threads been quiet for two weeks so I guess its question time again. (i would like to take this opportunity to thank @Matthew for always taking the time to answer my questions aswell as apologise that Im kinda running out of questions at this point)

Where do the Monsters come from? I realize that their origins are purposefully shrouded in mystery but surely you could at least confirm it if we managed to guess the correct answer. In that assumption I present my theories in order of most likely to least.
1: 4th Gen Basalisk soldiers - Speaks for itself.
2: Hub Experiment - Hub attempted to create its own race of genetically enhanced soldiers and were simultaneously awesome and terrible at it. Their creations escaped confinement and Hub proceeded to whistle nonchalantly and back away.
3: Interdimensional beasts/First contact - They are natural creations who just happen to be huge dicks.
4: Needlessly elaborate plan - The Monsters are in fact elaborate rubber suits worn by a series of corrupt businessmen looking to buy the land out from under the colonists (and they would have gotten away with it too if it werent for those meddling heavily-armed-adults-and-also-a-robot).

And relating to the king forts description

The first two options Matthew has talked about already. He mainly said any answer as simple as basilisk soldiers are the monsters isn’t going to be it they want to keep the monsters origins unknown

Must be the forth theory then.

Also in the first thread you linked too they talked about how bullets are only effective for the sake of fair gameplay but its a general rule that if it happens in a cutscene then thats how the weapons function canonically. Near the end of the ending cinematic for the Evacuation Campaign we see the hunters mowing down several Monsters in a relatively short span of time. Those Monsters had much more firepower focused on them than usual and it was probably mostly headshots but it still proves that if anything bullets were made less effective for fair gameplay.

Just putting that up here because that thread is closed.

Cut scenes are cinematics, not gameplay. Don’t worry about trying to equate what happens between the two :stuck_out_tongue:

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Allright @Matthew its question time again and this time I think its one that people will actually be interested in (apologies if youve allready answered this somewhere else)

  1. If the Lazarus tech is illegal does this mean that the Lazarus men are considered criminals for having the gloves or are they only breaking the law if they actually use them? Will Laz be arrested when he gets back to Hub space?

  2. (completely unrelated question but Im interested) How did the Basallisk Empire start a 2nd and 3rd mutagen war? Its safe to assume that starting an intergalactic war is not a slap-on-the-wrist offence so the majority of the Basalisk leaders and scientists would have been either killed or imprisoned by the end of each war. Not to mention that the standard treatment for a defeated nation includes demilitarization so any technology or supplies that could aid in the creation of mutagenetic soldiers would be closely monitored by Hub authorities. How did the Basalisk ever get the necessary supplies and manpower for a second and third war.

there was never a second and third basilisk war…the 2nd and 3rd generations refer to the scientific developments in the basilisk soldiers…
1st to 3rd all served in the one basilisk war…
that’s how I got it…<.<…

No they say that Hyde and Lazarus served in the 1st Mutagen War and Slim enlisted in the 3rd. There were definately 3 seperate wars. Each war had its own variety of Basalisk soldiers which is where the generations come in.

Lemme post a definitive history.


The Lazarus tech is just very, very heavily regulated. If Lazarus went back to Hub, he’d be arrested for theft and thrown in jail. The Lazarus device doesn’t belong to him.

The corporation who owns the tech makes sure anyone else using it is prosecuted.

Yay! Called It. The POW camp world isnt Bodes world but still, called it. (Read the Outlaw part and then the original comment this is a reply too)

I wouldn’t call it PoW camp more like an occupation force like in Iraq or what happened to Berlin

The normal civilians are dealing with an occupation force but the Basalisk soldiers are in various work camps and prisons all over Hub space. The part of this new information I “called” was that most of the soldiers were still alive but imprisoned.