Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


Hunter Stories

- Val's Story

- Caira's Story

- Cabot's Story

- Abe's Story

- The Sword: Part One

- The Sword: Part Two

- The Sword: Part Three

- Early Slim & Crow Fiction (Not fully Canon)

- Kala's Story


Disclaimer: These stories aren't mine. Just organizing them into one topic as requested.

Monster Origin Lore
Didn't Sunny die?
Bucketfall - Your Favorite drop ship lines!
The crews "jobs"
Are the monsters the product of spliced Shear wildlife?
An Evolve Lore Compendium: Whatchathink?
Evolve Story - Thread
Lore: Do the Monsters even have a general species name aside from "Monster"?
Roam around in evacuation ship
Ctr+V: The game!
Factor DLC?
A new assault idea I've been toying with
Did you just tell me to **** off in Martian?
So I REALLY don't like Sunny's voice
No Female Assualt Please
On new dialogue with the release of tier 4 hunters
What is the lore of evolve?
Hunter Ideas
Evolve Story - Thread
Is there a plot?
What contents can we expect in the future?
Where do I go to read the Canon Stories?
Hunter's ethnic Background: TRS can into diversity?
Monster Guide
What Kind of Hunters do you want to see?
Possible new Hunter ?!?!
Korsoth the Trapper, Mason the Medic, and Dietrich the Support
Would like to know wraith's sex ! m\f?
Where can i search for Evolve lore?
New hunters sound almost.... OP
The Evolve Universe
Backstory for hunters?
What we know
Hunter Ideas
Lore Library
Evolve as a live action movie?
The forgotten ruins
Story book
What do the hunters see in the monster?
Is there any depth or story being planned for Evolve?
Mason as a new T5 hunter? (Theory)
What are Jack's reasons for being 'The Jackal?' [NO SPOILERS PLEASE!]
The Development of Evolve
Tier Four Hunters Revealed
What is going to be next in Evolve. Questions & feelings about the game
A contributing factor to why this game isn't very popular
Mason as a new T5 hunter? (Theory)
There's more to Kala than we think
5th monster discussion
Canon (Romantic) Relationships?
Background knowledge?
Where to find lore
Please make backstory comic series
Background knowledge?
Eight: Kala's Story
Six: The Sword, Chapter Three
Evolve Story Connection Thread!
Early Slim & Crow Fiction
Seven: Cabot's Story
Title update... Update
Hello awesome community how are you? What is new around Evolve?
What are Jack's reasons for being 'The Jackal?' [NO SPOILERS PLEASE!]
Evolve, In Conclusion: The Timeline, The Hunters, and The Monsters (Update: Production discontinued while I work on bigger project)

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If I could make a request.

Could the links be in the order in which they were posted? They're meant to be read backwards, so to speak, such that certain lines of dialog, or events, are more impactful in read in the right order.

I.e. it should be;




The Sword, Part One. . .


I think you see, reading Val's, how it's "the first" and sort of establishes the context for everything.


Yep, changed that now. That's actually how I had it at first, not sure what made me change the order. Sorry about that confounded


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Parnell part 1 confirmed.


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Oh god, can't wait to find out what happened, though seeing as how just about everyone's heard about it, it must've taken place several weeks, months, or even years before the current events


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They go up either Thursday nights or Friday mornings. Depending on how well I can restrain myself. smiley

Four: The Sword, Chapter One

Keep up the great work, we are eagerly awaiting them.


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