Evolve Hunter Quest. Stuck in Chinese?


Ever since I got it, it has been in Chinese. I recently tried it once again, but still in Chinese. Yes I am on an English account (Australian). Does anyone know why it’s in Chinese or know how to fix it? I would just not care and play the game, but this game has a story I think.


Mine used facial recognition to determine my nationality then made it Chinese to fit.


No idea whybit would do that.


To be honest, I didn’t read any of the story, just played the game. Very odd that they don’t have a way to change the language default. Try deleting the app cache/data for Hunters Quest, see if that resets it?


How do you delete the data? I have deleted the app, and still does not work. It might have something to do with I have used a Chinese account. But I downloaded the game with the Australian one.


Did you use a Chinese account to download the game? What platform are you on and what is the native language for that platform (your apple id or google account)?


I said I downloaded the game with the Australian account. I am pretty sure the native language is Australian. I use an Ipad.


Ahh, I am not an apple user. Maybe @Hydrawolf can help us out here or @Magik_boom since he is also from Australia.


Maybe I should just ignore the story. But there also some other things I should read.


Well hopefully we can get you sorted out, also you can send an email to evolvefeedback@catdaddy.com since they are the devs they may be able to help you out.


Well, I think I will wait till someone can help on this thread. Thanks for trying to help though. I think for now I will just try and get the Kraken Elite Skin (recently got Wraiths).


Try this, you might be on Chinese region instead of Australian - http://appducate.com/2013/04/how-to-change-your-app-store-and-itunes-store-location/


I am pretty sure my region is Australia, because the rest of the apps I have downloaded are English.