Evolve Hunter Quest Mastery ?!? not working?


is there anyone else who havent gotten thier mastery from the Mobile game it doesnt seem to have worked for me and my evolve account


While I did see a delay in my badges showing up everything I unlocked is now in place from the app. As a reverse check do you see your match replays in the app?


yeah i can see my match replays but all the mastery i´ve spent on my characters is not applied :f


Hrm, just to be sure of what you did you’ve not just levelled in the game, you’ve gone in and purchased masteries (this I am assuming is yes, just saw one thread where someone got it confused), and then the question is what were you expecting to see? So I’d unlocked the full 50% mastery for everyone and the first time I got my summary for each of them my bar for all 3 categories was already half full. You’ve seen nothing like that? (assuming yes, but just trying to clarify) If both were true not even sure what to think since if you’re seeing your replays you’re definitely linked up as well.


I seem to be getting the same issue. I can see my replays on my iPad, but the mastery points are not transfering over. Does it matter that I already had a couple points into the mastery already(like 5)? Does it have to start from absolute 0 for it to give any credit?


No it can go from any %. I’ve been waiting 3 days for mine and still nothing.


Hmm, I talked to one of my friends about it, and they said that theirs went instantly They added the points when they were out of the game, then launched the game and the mastery was there. So I am not to sure what is happening right now.


Did you sign in with My2K in the actual game? As in, on PC/Consoles? You had to do that to link it.


Yeah, I can see my replays from the PC game in the app.


Alright, then I have no idea what the issue is. I suggest that you report it here. Just scroll down to bug reporting and post away. The devs will see it from there and help you out. Good luck.


Alright, I will post there. Thanks for the help.


I finally got mine. 3 days after I used it. Too bad I already maxed out the things I spent the boosts on.