Evolve hunter & monster spotlights!


created by a community member of these boards, and multitoad’s first communtiy contributor, Yazkin! We think he did a great job.


Not sure if you are involved with the site, but a slight incorrection.

Today we’re showcasing the original tier of hunters in the upcoming game Evolve, set to be released on February 10th. Evolve emphasizes a 4v1 multiplayer mode where a team of 4 hunters are tasked with tracking down and killing a lone alien monster. With the potential for competitive play and near endless replayability, Evolve is looking like it very well may be my personal favorite games of 2015. Turtle rock studios has announced 16 hunters and 3 monster ready to be played on release with more to be introduced as DLC.

They mentioned 16 Hunters and 3 Monsters for release. If you could give them a heads up :slight_smile:


Nice videos, shame the mic quality is physically painful but whatever.


are you suggesting there could be more? I thought it was pretty set in stone that there will be 16 hunters and 3 monsters


but yeah, it’s a site created by a friend and I. Our approach is multi-player focused and open-source so that we can really involve the community and become defined as a collection rather than just a few people. By open-source it means the community can vote for videos, articles etc. to become featured (as well as streamers) instead of it just being a few regular writers.

if that interests you at all I encourage you to check out some more features and visit the forums and think about how you might want to get involved


4 classes
each class has 3 characters
4*3 = 12

12 hunters.


Ya, just 12 Hunters and 3 Monsters at release. There is a 4th Monster already cookin’ as DLC that we’ll find out more about this week.


12 hunters and 3 monsters at release.


Right, i’m bad at math.

thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue:

how embarrassing


It happens. Proofreading doesn’t fact check :slight_smile: Wouldn’t that be an amazing app. Fact checker… Hmm…


@SlabOMeat says at release, he doesn’t mention anything about the post release monster and new tier of hunter’s! :wink:


if TRS wants to hook me up with a copy of Evolve for free I’d happily review it

how do i talk to 2k about this :grinning:


200 hunters 4.5 monsters on release


50 teams of hunters… 4 monsters, one monster that evolves with DLC and will become a full monster as more DLC is purchased


I also used one of the fan-made wallpapers from these boards and credited @Takran for the one I choose


I got a pop filter, the quality should be improved over the last few videos. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! I love the way these have gotten around. I’ll have the last one up as soon as the wraith image is uploaded to the site :wink:


awesome i look forward to seeing it

it is fun seeing how images get around the web especially thanks to google image


Be sure to check out Yazkin’s other spotlights once he’s finished. We’ll get those featured as well and i’ll get you guys updated when they go up