Evolve hunter ideas that trs wants


So after watching Evolving evolve: hunters, I realized that us giving trs a full loud out and character won’t make it into the final cut. I mean, they hire people for creating characters so why would they use all of our suggestions and putting those creators out of their jobs. So instead of us giving them a fully developed characters with advanced loudouts and such, why don’t we give them little brain farts; Weapons, random mini character ideas drawings, etc. This way the character creators would have little chunks of info to work with instead of a full blown character. I understand that they have come up with the characters already, but maybe we can help with DLC.

So I had some ideas of my own so I decided to edit my post.
*A break action single shot close range slug rifle.

  • A chargeable cannon that would fire small metal balls.
  • A sledgehammer themed weapon held vertically that fires waves of energy rapidly.
  • A bolt action iron sight rifle that would damage the monsters health.
  • A character based around the theme of sheriff of lynchwood.
  • A character with a wild look, thin, untidy hair. Theme of Ratman (portal)
  • A low fire rate light machine gun.
  • A single shot dart gun that, when shot at hunters, would activate health regen.
  • A spike that would be stabbed into the monster and create a stasis field to slow him down. The slot would be replaced by throwable energy packs that would replenish the stasis field.

  • An alien native to Sheer (or somewhere else). His/Her ability could be a biological one.

  • an “ice gun” that freezes the monster for one second. (Trapper?)

  • someone with a bird (Think MGS3’s The End) that you send off. The bird fly’s around and once it locates the monster, pings it and fly’s back.

  • a poison gun that disables a random monster ability for a short time and has a long cool down (think dome)


More robots, or a robo alien hybrid. This is my dream anyway.


Ah, um. Title of the thread seems slightly misleading.


i’d live to see a survivor of a space expedition that crash landed on sheer. He/she survived for 10+ years alone on the planet. Would probably be best suited for a tracker, but could really be anything.

a hunter that’s been been given some kind of super soldier serum designed from alien DNA would be cool, too. Especially if it mutated him to have alien appendages or abilities.


Why not a gun that IS wildlife?


What? Could you elaborate?


I think I read this on the sub reddit but I would really love a character with a bow. It could be a simple Bow and Arrow setup or maybe TRS could attempt some kind of special bow with special arrows?


how about skins that effect the way the hunters look not just the guns and equiptment - or is that in already? ive only seen gun skins - would be great and would let people know whos elite like theyre doing for the monsters


There will be legitimate Hunter skins in the future, we just haven’t been told exactly how they will look.


I’m still hoping for an assault with a melee weapon :blush:


Bits and pieces I would love to see.

I’m dreaming of a support with an ability that buffs his jet pack (only his, maybe a minor boost for others too or something) allowing full flight for 20-ish seconds and who can lay down one-way barriers (can be shot through from one side) to blockade the monster AND protect teammates.

A medic that uses a gas mask and is very silent. He uses chems (smoke and/or goop) that have a slow yet helpful regen effect for hunters and some kind of negative effect on the monster (damages, scrambles smell, slows, etc.)

A trapper with a set of armor that is lined with explosively propelled spikes, which damage the monster and can be used to escape close scrapes with the monster/wildlife (encouraging a solo tracking approach). This along with a delayed team-helping gizmo to allow everyone to catch up, and reminds the trapper of the whole “team” concept.

I know the devs have been listening and working hard, so let’s not discredit them, I’m sure they’ve got even better ideas😄


Lol good point.


I actually had the same idea with the support and the jet packs.


kewl nice one dawgggg


“I’m a peacock man, you gotta let me fly!!”


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Random explosion. “Crap Michael bays the monster”


Some random guy with an electric whip, he’ll be the trapper and won’t actually be any use, Zangief will be an assault he delivers flying kicks and grapples with the monster


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