Evolve Hub


We need more communication On Evolve at Xbox 1 where you can ask question and communicate with us …

Game Hub : is a community that allows the game developers to communicate with Xbox players , fans

Share good fights videos . Close matches …Montage … . create challenges … informs players about weakly challenges …inform players about new update … informs us about stream time … we can share it to our friends

We can bring players to the game …and engage them more and we cat get feedback

we can get free promotion in Evolve Trends … that’s the goal … players can find out about Evolve & we can bring old players back

Do you think Evolve should use Game Hub ??

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  • No

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What do you guys think ??


Who’s “us?”

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by Game Hub?


Developers and fans

You can follow the game (Evolve)

They can post videos - pictures - status - news … they can share anything and all players can see it

Game Hub is in the dashboard … you can see the trends and


I’m not sure what you mean either. I have no problem getting my news and videos.
But, if it would help expand the player base, I’m all for it.


If you press the Start/Menu button on the Evolve app you have the option of “Game Hub”, that’s what he’s on about.

Edit: You can do this on every game :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it will

The more people like or watch their posts the higher the chance of getting Trends (popular) which all players can see it

And also on Trends


If. They said something it will show to community section in Dashboard


Ah… That hub. Yes you can do that with every game on Xbox one.