Evolve: How to Fix Your Mouse Cursor & Skip Intro Videos


Here is a Evolve guide on how to fix your mouse cursor and skip the intro videos. You can fix your mouse cursor in Evolve by opening and closing the steam overlay ingame.

The same method applies for when the mouse disappears in the menu or just deactivate steam overlay completely if the glitch doesn’t go away.

Goto: Steam ➞ Settings ➞ Ingame ➞ and then remove the marker at enable the steam overlay ingame

How to skip all the Evolve intro videos:

To skip all the Evolve intro videos except the ones with the skip button. Go to your Evolve folder in steam:

Put a 1 in the start of the names of files:
Videos_stage1.pak - removes all the intro videos
Videos_stage2.pak - removes the menu videos

Note: Background video in the main menu will be black, when renaming file 1

Some people find only the first file removes most of the intro videos but I will rename them both just to be sure.

Shoutout to Turbo for making a guide on the Steam community:


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