Evolve - HOSTILE [Intense Moments]



I would like to share a montage that took 4-5 days of work but i had a lot of fun making it. This is only based from the big alpha session as you might know.

The video is short, but intense and i hope you will enjoy this. Let me know !:>


Wow, that was awesome! :slight_smile:


Nice work! What software did you use? I’ve been making a few videos myself but I don’t have the stuff to make videos of your quality.


Its awesome!


Not too bad. I thought the slow motion parts at the beginning were a bit too long/too slow. You caught most of the beats pretty well, I’d recommend keeping a few of the monster’s roars/screams audible to give it a bit more oomph. Good job though.


Spectacular, good work ^^


I want to make a Goliath walks for 10 hours on Shear video, but I don’t have enough video of me playing Goliath facing the Camera :frowning:


Just a small question, WHY? :slight_smile: goliath walking for 10 hours what? xD


Fun video! I’d like to see montage videos of all the individual characters as well. +1


Haven’t you seen the viral videos that started with a ‘Woman walking in NY for 10 hours’. It was supposed to be about how hard it is as a woman walking through the city and people tore it apart as it didn’t really show anything too bad (Comment wise) from the people during the edit. So now there are lots of ‘10 hours of XXX through XXX’ videos. The most recent ones are 10 hours of walking through Battlefield 4, and 10 hours of Princess Leia walking through NY.


God bless you.

That is obvious sexual harassment right there


Oh yea, that ‘feminist’ video. Did not really watch it because feminists don’t even know what real feminists are :slight_smile: Also did not see any of those game videos related to it haha


I’ll have to link the 2 funniest parodies. They are hilarious.


You are right in everything you said especially about the roars/scream from the monster that i couldn’t put into the video because it was very hard to work with the sound effect due to the sound quality from my record. I tried hard to includ some roar sound but the render was horrible.

When the game will be released, i will make everything clean and i hope evolve give a tool that let editor free to everything (like L4D)

thanks for the great feedback anyway!

(sorry for my english)


Here is the Battlefield one.

And here is the Princess Leia one.


You are doing fine, especially with your english :slight_smile:


Nice work! Especially liked the dropship door opening cut.


Yea, can’t wait for more :slight_smile: i bet some of the devs would also love this.


I love this! You did an amazing job! I would not have the patience to make something like this. Props to you!


So much honor if they like this