Evolve Hoodies Now In 2K Store


Been waiting on these for a while, glad to finally see em in the store.


oh? I am going to go take a look…

Edit: Basically just a red and black hoodie. It’s alright, but I think It would be way cooler if you made one of those “Disguise” hoodies in theme of like, Goliath or one of the other monsters/hunters outfits.

Like this:

The hoodie in shop for those wondering:


The hoodie does still look nice though, and apparently it’s comfy.

I imagine if evolve becomes popular enough that we’ll get more options


i like how the zipper thing is a V, so that you can put it in between the hunter’s blocks and the monster’s to create the 4 V 1 type thing.


I do as well, but I’m curious about the material it’s made out of. I hope that the inner part of it is all metal, least that sucker may very well break easily D:

Also: They released Evolve Pins!


That hoodie is part of my Pre-Order. I need to wait a week or so to get that T-Shirt / Hoodie ! (the black one)


I prefer the ones that actually say evolve, still waiting on those.


Yay! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I saw the shirts. I really want a beanie too. Thanks for the heads up! :grin: