Evolve Hidden Mechanic Video


Hey Guys,

I’m making a video on the hidden mechanics of Evolve, we know there are plenty.

I would like to tap the community to share what they know so I can compile, research, and eventualy demonstrate them in the video.

One such example would be the Combat Flag, Range and Timer. Teams are considered as in “Combat” if a hunter and a monster attack each other within 60 Meters and will grant more stamina on attacks to the monster for manuvering. Any attacks outside of 60 is not considered Combat. Once the clock hits 17 Minutes, the 3 minute timer starts, which can be paused when in the combat for about 10-20 seconds. Unsure if doming counts as Flagging (To be tested)

Please share what you’ve discovered, or have a theory about below, and I’ll give credit in the video to the first person to posted it, and only if it checks out during testing.

You’d be surprised what I’ve found so far, but feel free to post what you have. Together I think this might be very intriguing for new and experienced players alike :smile:

Thanks to all who participate :smile:


It pauses only once it hits the 2 minute remaining marker or less. It won’t pause, for instance, at 2:45 left.

  • Carrion birds cannot occur when ‘underneath’ things. Whether caves or overhangs. Basically, if you can’t dust/orbital there, you won’t get carrion birds.

  • Carrion birds will only appear the moment you begin to eat the food, regardless if you digest it or not. This also applies to Abe’s tracking dart. It happens the first moment you ‘start to feed’.

  • Griffin’s harpoons will ALWAYS put a monster in combat because the harpoons don’t have a further range than the combat mechanic allows. You can also use his harpoon gun to free players trapped/pounced and to kill wildlife.

  • You can gain more height by not moving and double jumping (Dodging) straight up then just holding the button down.

  • You don’t slow down while shooting while you are jumping or jetpacking. Bunny hoppers rejoice!

  • Griffin’s sound spikes are spherical. This means that (Currently) if you are 51 meters directly below a spike it will not be triggered.

  • Lightning strike has infinite range and causes a lot of sound where it lands. You also make a sound but it is less noticeable. This would allow you to zap the other side of the map and possibly confused the hunters.

  • What you see on the screen is different than what others see. During very laggy games this explains why some shots hit when they should have missed and vice versa.

  • Daisy is easily able to be juked based on her mechanics. However, due to the in depth nature I will not repeat them here again. They can be found in other threads though.

  • Shooting a monster with a healing grenade within 60 meters DOES put the monster into a combat state. (Not sure if intentional or bug)

  • Glaciopods only ‘poop’ when Hunters or Monster are nearby. They don’t do it ‘off screen’. I guess they like having people watch them.

  • If you have the Elite Tyrant buff as monster, being put in the combat state prevents you from healing.

  • There are several perks and buffs that currently stack unintentionally.

  • You can shorten your Goliath Leap and Leap Smash by holding backwards during the move if you overshot or don’t want to land there anymore.

  • If you have the ‘Detect all creatures within 40m’ buff from Elite Spotter, Bucket can detach his head and the head carries that buff around. So you are a mobile heat signature finder with his UAV out.

I will try and post more if I can recall. I’m sure there is a lot more that I’m just not recalling at the moment.


Thank you for these @MaddCow

Some of them are more character related, but rest assured I will still put them in a category specific appropriate video, like the Lightning Strike one :smile:


Does Armor Regen Perk and Wildlife Buff (not the passive) only work out of combat?


Yup, same mechanic.


That sounds very interesting. This could be very useful for those that still have trouble understanding the game mechanics.
I just took a glimpse on your videos, I like them, keep it up.


wait it does it on leap smash too? i only used it on charge…hmmmm


Charge gets cancelled if you go backwards, with leap and eap smash you stop your forward momentum so if the target is running towards you, you can cut it short to hit.


This is well known but,

You have a higher chance of getting carrion birds if:
You are a higher stage
There are many dead animals in the same area
You have full health or armor


Where did you dig this up? I’m curious because my experiences don’t meet with these.


ill have to try it.

heres another. when aiming down, hold down the leap smash button and quickly press rock throw and let go of leap smash. goliath will perfom slam dunk.


I saw it on a thread once, it was a while ago. I’ll see if I can find it


As far as I read it carrion birds were solely a function of wildlife eaten since the last event.

There is no difference between eating 4 reaver and 4 tyrants concerning the fifth snack.


Yeah Im not sure about this, I will research. But I though the chance of getting birds increases the longer you are not found.


I already reproduced this one, not sure if it’s a bug, but it’s still awesome :smile:


Yeah, like I said I saw it somewhere but I don’t remember if it was a reliable source or not. I would do the research but I don’t have my computer on me (posting this from my iPad)


Wasn’t 70 meter for the state of combat and stamina ?

For the dome, it doesn’t stop the timer. We faced a chicken goliath keeping running away. The timer appeared and i domed him. He didn’t move and stayed behind a rock. We win by the time…


I’m pretty sure this is false; I’ve had my health go back up during combat, I also believe @DB_Sinclair or a dev stated on the official live streams that unlike armor regen, health regeneration will work inside combat.


I agre with Cactus, I’m almost positive I’ve seen my health regen while in combat. It definitely does stop regenerating if I run out of armor and actually start taking health damage.


So can we say, Health Regen Buff (Tyrant) will work during combat if you don’t take damage to your health (not armor)?

I must test a case where I have a lot of armor, but missing health.