Evolve held back in Japan?


First, 2K trips over itself in a spectacular fashion rushing to suck as much additional DLC $$$ out of this title. Then 2K feels its appropriate to ‘bully’ people who planned into buying it at some point into buying it early by holding back content for a ‘pre-purchase’ cashgrab. Turtle Rock (and I suspect primarily 2K) have mistreated fans of this game really badly. Now, I’m all pre-loaded and I hear I have to wait until MARCH 4th!? because I live in Japan?? EVERY other territory is already playing it? When we already had to pay an extra ten bucks for this game just because?

This is unacceptable 2K. Unlock this game on Steam now.


Turtle Rock has yet to mistreat it’s fans. TRS has always been very active and honest with it’s community, which is more than most game companies can say. 2K however…

Also, holding back content? Are you referring to Behemoth?


I’m pretty ticked off that I was able to play this game just fine through beta and alpha while in Japan, but now I am locked only because of my IP (and maybe more?). Is there any way to get past this? A proxy does not seem to work for me. I have all software and hardware from the U.S.



I’m in the same boat as the OP here. Me along with 3 other servicemen stationed here in Japan were highly anticipating playing this game on the upcoming 3 day weekend. Three of us pre-ordered and bought the season pass while one of us went all out and got the $100 “Monster Race” with the reasonable expectation that we would be able to enjoy it on release day. Needless to say we are NOT happy campers at the moment. What makes this particularly deceitful however is the fact that while pre-order purchasing for this game has been available for MONTHS the fact that Japan users SPECIFICALLY would be locked out from playing this (only on the PC version mind you) was only made known HOURS before launch.

Right when everyone who already paid their money could do nothing about it but suffer.

I don’t know who’s decision it was to do this (Steams, the publisher, or whatever) and honestly I don’t care. What I do know is that unless this gets fixed (not holding my breath) neither I nor any of my friends plan to buy ANYTHING from 2K or Turtle Rock in the future if this is the way they treat there customers. And we will be letting other service members stationed with us know this as well.


This is horrible how dare they “purposefully” do this to you guys out of spite.


Thank you for your kind words and “insightful” commentary.


No problem lol. Seriously though you and the OP gave me no other reason other than to think they did this to you out of spite? Nothing to back it up though just conjecture and another “cut” content claim.


The title states “Evolve held back in Japan”. So, although it was mentioned, this thread is NOT ultimately about any cut content claim but about the fact that without any reasonable prior notice, warning or explanation to potential paying customers in Japan, we are denied access to something we payed good money for.

While I seriously doubt that spite had anything to do with it (which by the way was YOUR assertion and no one else’s) the fact that this kind of thing can happen is completely unacceptable and thus the reason for this thread.


Yeah if that wasn’t one of the main points why use the misconception in the post? “Then 2K feels its appropriate to ‘bully’ people who planned into buying it at some point into buying it early by holding back content for a ‘pre-purchase’ cashgrab.” Even called it a deliberate cash grab. Another large point was miss treatment of the fanbase which he included the delay as. I’d be passed too if I had to wait an extra month for a game I pre ordered. Also the spite part was from your comment “Japan users SPECIFICALLY would be locked out from playing this (only on the PC version mind you) was only made known HOURS before launch.” You even capitalized the entire word to imply that it was done out of spite.


Yes, Japan is the ONLY region that has a month long wait so the use of the word “specifically” is well warranted. I emphasized this because it would have been an important detail to perspective customers that they failed to mention. I know this wasn’t done out of spite, I’m more leaning toward negligence at this point.

Whatever the case may be this mistake come at the cost of paying customers and at this point it’s unlikely that anyone involved will be doing anything to fix it. Which, as I’ve stated before, is unacceptable.


I used this to play when it released in Asia(from u.s.) http://www.vpngate.net/en/howto_softether.aspx South Korea’s relays are pretty fast and you probably should be able to play with little network issues. Hopefully this works for you till the confusing month late release in Japan!


I got you. It’s just that specifically implies it was done with intent while only simply points out that that was the only territory affected (all asia in general I guess since I saw another broader thread like this.

It does seem like negligence I’d suggest that the OP bring it to the 2k forums as that would probably get him a quicker response (the only people I see comment here frequently are the writer and Co director who earlier stated that the TRS team would be on the game today.


This is not an ‘All Asia’ problem. It only seems to be Japan for some reason. For no good reason, most likely.

I could use a VPN, but I’m afraid my Steam account could be in danger of a ban then :frowning:


that does sound odd. maybe they had contract issues regarding releaseing the game in japan? there is a legal side to the game industry that many people dont know about.

i agree tho japan AND 2k should have gotten there shyt together to get the game ready at launch. thats a huge market that loves giant monsters (godzilla). missing out.