Evolve having a lot of dlc?


I heard that evolve is going to have lots of dlc. Hopefully these dlc are like dlc packs and not individual hunters


They will prolly be both


I would prefer “packs” of hunters, individual monsters, and map packs (which will be free anyways).


That would be great this is my most anticipated game and i can’t wait for it.


All info we have on DLC in one place: https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/dlc-buyers-anonymous-a-dlc-faq/ :slight_smile:


Ya I was about to link that, go read that post!


I wouldn’t mind seeing a hunter set + monster pack.


I’m so happy with what they are planning. I’ve really been looking to find a game and really stick to it for years. Nothing has really been able to lock me in in that way for a long time. I think Evolve will pull that off. I love their DLC plans. Looking forward to new monsters and hunters will always be fun. Hopefully it goes for years like they’re planning :slight_smile: