Evolve have few monsters

My point is, you could’ve gotten the game for cheaper. It’s not the devs fault that you fail to do research into what you’re buying.

If I find the game for €1000 and pay it, can I blame the devs because it’s too expensive? No, because I chose to pay that amount while it’s available for cheaper.

what kind of speech is this? it’s is price at psn, but the point here is the few monsters

You know, there are hunters too.
They are kind of a big deal too.
You aint that dumb right?

why do people hate dlc so much… the game is good, I want the devs to keep making more stuff for it. dlc = awesome.


AND 12 hunters, 4 game modes, 16 maps and free access to future maps/game modes. Plus you can fight against the DLC monster when in solo mode, even without the DLC. The gameplay is great and mostly smooth (I accept it to be really smooth after week-one patch). If you don’t want to pay a little extra money for a awesome monster, then don’t!

Edit: Add up all the content the game includes by its self, and price them evenly, each thing cost $1.71, not including the pre-order Skins, Free Behemoth, Perks or Evacuation Combinations


This is not a minor thing, eh? In fact, it’s very generous of them. To the people who never play monsters this is basically free premium content.

You’re right, it’s not minor. You can even PLAY as dlc characters you have not purchased in some instances. Amazing. I was blown away when I learned this.

Yeah, in theory you would be able to play a hunter that you haven’t bought in a match that’s already started or swap to them when someone leaves or something, am I right?

You are correct.

yup. same with monster.

(I might be wrong about this next part, trying to confirm)
you can even start a solo game, set all the bots to dlc hunters that you dont own, then swap to your hearts content.

Is that confirmed (the solo bit)?

well I remember reading it in the forums somewhere, I’ll do some searching.

Cool, thanks.

I’m not sure about that one. In solo play, I’m only allowed to pick hunters that I’ve unlocked already. I suspect that DLC characters will count as locked in this case.

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This was my thought as well.

yeah, I haven’t found anything confirming that. I must have been mistaken. I’ll edit my earlier post to note that.

I found what I was thinking of. Last sentence in the fifth paragraph after ‘Regarding DLC:’ Do you guys think I’m misunderstanding that?

EDIT: hmmm reading it again he does say opponents. maybe not teammates as hunters?

ROFL - I know it was the Euro sign, jsut didn’t know the keyboard shortcut. :slight_smile:

BTW - not sure how/why ctrl+alt+5 gets it, for me, it was: alt+0128 ( € )

Thanks though!

Sounds like someone with a low IQ managed to make a forum account

…Alright then. I’ve been following every scrap of info for thirteen months, so over a year, and when they said they only showed a few Monsters, they were revealing them one at a time. Yeah. There are three completed Monsters- one of which still undergoing tweaks- a fourth Monster in early development, set to be completed in a few months, and, like, I don’t know, a fifth that’s still in concept art?