Evolve have few monsters


I paid 70€ for only 3 monsters? christ, the whole game is based on the monsters, and they are only 3? the others monsters will be released via dlc, so I have to pay other money for having the complete game. It’s a shame, A SHAME.


If you want to you can play against any of the DLC monsters when they are released


This information has been available for some time, it should have not* been a surprise.

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So…You bought a game that you didn’t know what it includes…?
We knew that for like…since summer


I’m getting a troll vibe off this topic, but I’ll just go ahead and say that if you think €70 is a rip off for three monsters, you obviously don’t know much about the depth of the game. It’s up to you to dive to those depths.


If you paid the 70 bucks you won’t have to pay when they come out. See it as a pre-ordred DLC.


they said that the monsters that they showed were only a few, so the others were supposed to be in the complete game


Do you have a source for this?

All monsters past the initial three have always been planned for dlc.


Hmmm no.
Since summer we all knew that the game will come with 12 hunters and 3 monsters.That’s all the time they had in order to make the game.If people loved the game and wanted more then DLC with more would come.Actually scratch that.We knew that even before the summer.

So bottom line don’t go in steam and buy games without reading what this game is and what it includes


Who are ‘they’? Neither TRS, 2K or any other credible sources said this.


of a game based on the monsters the list of the monsters should have ve a little big of how it is now


even if i missed that information of yours for you is right to do a game based on the monsters and at the end release it with olny 3?


That grammatically didn’t make much sense, but I’m assuming you’re saying since it’s a game based on Monsters, there should be more?
I’ll also assume you don’t know how much goes into making a Monster. Namely a lot of dough and time.
The game has been in production for four years, and we have three completed Monsters. That should give you a idea of what it takes to create one.

As I said before, if you don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth, you don’t know enough about the game or how it is played. Three Monsters offer an incredibly deep, fun and tactical experience, all differentiating between the three variants.


In my view of point this is a thief and the gamers are the responsable of all this, now everyone make a half game and for receive the other half part o man have to pay again…


If you paid €70 for the base game, you got ripped off.

The base game is €50 and multiple places offer discounts on this (GMG had multiple 25% off coupons which worked on evolve during the pre-order period, taking it down to €37,50)

Also, the fact that 3 monsters were included in the game was very clear. If you missed this, stop buying stuff without doing even the slightest bit of research on what you’re buying.

Edit: Whoops, Evolve is only €50 and not €60.
Also, I’m assuming Europe region since OP used euro. Both European regions have the same pricing.


sorry but english is not my primary language


That’s your opinion. I am satisfied with my purchase and because of that I will happily purchase more monsters and hunters.


The guy just made the account eleven minutes ago.


He’s new to the forum, nothing wrong with that. He wanted a place to voice his opinion.


How on earth are gamers responsible for it?

No, you’ve paid for the FULL GAME. Any extra things are OPTIONAL DLC that have NOT been cut from the game.