Evolve has more than 4000 viewers on Twitch right now!


They said it doubled the amount of players. Just open the link and support so more people can join our community.


What’s happening?


Ooh. How very peculiar.


people need to queue for monster in Rank so he can find a match

because you have 4k people watching him Queue…


he says he had X copies of evolve he’s giving away?


3,700 Kappa.


yea. so far its been nearly a 10min wait, looking for a monster in Rank. just mentioned he might switch games 0.o


Yeah, no one is playing Monster for some reason. He constantly switches games.


yea. he said he’ll switch games in a few mins if no one queues for monster. well, it was worth the possibility.


He found a match and I started laughing when he said Lennox v. Wraith was bad.


yea i know right. lol. <3 lennox


She’s the best!


Yeah they said there were 500 players in the game before the stream and then it increased to 1k. Plus he is not that new to Evolve and people in chat were saying that they realized they miss playing Evolve. And probably more people will buy Evolve because now they know it is not bad and it is currently 14 dollars(Don’t know the exact price?) on Steam. We need more streamers and Youtubers like him so more people can play.


Well, Fairlight just stopped streaming Evolve because the matchmaking was taking too long.



Meh. he stopped pretty quick and was agreeing with most that were calling out every thing they hated about the game.


This used to be he, and yeah that sucks!


he said he enjoys the game, but its mainly the queue times that turn it away


I watched for a while. He was doing a 24hr gaming marathon, and spent some of it with Evolve. He said that he really loved the game, and defendednit, The audience was a mixed bag of hadn’t seen it played before, some said they’d have to play it again, and the usual negative stuff.


Fair enough


If the Ranked times are a problem then they should go to Quickplay then!

Better to get some silly matches in constantly than to play the Matchmaking Simulator Game for dozens of minutes on end.