Evolve has helped me :)


So i know this may seem bad and i know it’s only a game but Evolve makes me happy i have been looking forward to it ever since i heard about it before release. I suffer with depression and anxiety aswell as stomach problems and i always used games as an escape and yeah xD hard to explain but Evolve is something i really enjoy and i hope it’s around for a long time :slight_smile:


dont lose as monster. this will come back tenfold lol.


Hahaha very true xD


Lol your medical problems sound a lot like mine


Well anxiety and stomach problems have been linked haha


Having Anxiety and playing a game were people are coming to kill you makes you use that smell ability every two seconds haha


Lol yeah mine is more stress though


I do it as a Hunter too sometimes lol


last night i lost a jump in game. where i was a duo with my brother…why would i be an injured kraken if im duoing?

my brother is good and why would he let up lol. some lag reasons i swear i wish i recorded to make sure. my LS hit DEAD CENTER on hank 3 times for zero damage. i was PISSED and hes the main reason i lost.

i raged pretty hard. almost chucked the controller lol cuz i knew i hit hank. iv done so a million times. hell he even went flying like he got hit. no one was healing him either.


Stress can cause stomach problems aswell, Think stress can cause anything haha


Glad the game helped you. ^.-
They make for great escapes from the real world. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha they sure do :smiley:


Playing as the monster is good if you are pissed off aswell haha


I play Parnell with my friend as Cabot, fun to melt monsters like Hyde; but without the need of fire. ^.-


Studies show that Evolve is known to relieve stress and have several therapeutic benefits… Consult your doctor if Evolve is right for you

Glad it makes you feel better ^.^


Sounds like a familiar story; it’s nice to hear about the game doing great things for others too. It makes me hope we can sustain the game and its community for a long time.

Though, I do agree being in a blind panic from the moment you start to the moment you die (as monster) isn’t very good for anxiety, lol… :stuck_out_tongue:


Around when Evolve was released I was suffering from a flu/chest infection. I purchased Evolve whilst I had three weeks off from work and nothing to do, it made me feel better and entertained me, I still play it religiously. Glad to hear it’s helping someone else too :slight_smile:

Also my girlfriend suffers from anxiety and depression (I don’t blame her if she is with me ;)) and I know how hard it is, so chin up buddy.


I agree. I sometimes have panic attacks- playing Evolve or watching someone play Evolve or even hopping on here helps immensely. :slight_smile:


My poor RMB has a very clear print of my middle finger on it since Evolve launched…

That wasn’t there before O.o