Evolve Has A Lesson To Teach, and It's Not What You Think


If you eat a lot of wild life, blast those quads with great leaps, and work those arms by lifting heavy rocks YOU WILL GET SWOLE BRO!


Translation, please?


Swole: very muscular
American slang
Typically used around frat houses or “bros”


Ah, got it.


Urbandictionary.com dear midnight


I’m NEVER going to that again after some of the definitions I got…


The more you know the better


No, Skorpion. There are a lot of things I want to forget.


Shhh shhh only dreams now ^.^


Don’t try that. I wouldn’t want to hurt you if you tried to slit my throat. ^.^


I didn’t even know what Swole meant. What side of America?


Slit your throat? I’m merely ushering you in to the world of the sleeping!


That’s even worse!


Everywhere in America, particularly amongst males ages 15-40 that spend about an hour a day looking at themselves in the mirror lol



There there midnight… It’ll help the faces go away


Why are you talking about me? ^.-


So…eat a lot and jump around?
Time to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger



Quick, someone photoshop a pic of Broliath and Brohemoth with flat brimmed hats and Monster energy drinks.