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Anyways… Wish I could play as well as that monster… Hurt my eyes…

I see multiple hanks do that daily soo not as impressive


Who is Sierra? :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a nice one, but nothing says perfect orbital than one that makes the monster rage quit. I was on a pillar, monster wants that sandwich I hide in my beard and starts climbing, I drop the orbital on my feet and drop down the other side of the pillar. Goliath climbs up through an orbital on to a platform in the middle of it, then jumps after me down the other side. Disconnects seconds later.

Now there was a lot of lag today…

Nailing an evolving monster is sometimes glorious…but sometimes it ends the match right there and is kinda anti-climactic. I caught another evolving goliath yesterday and it wasn’t until the Assault pulled up behind me and started laying into it that I thought “Oh, I have a gun too…”

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Is it pronounced

Ky-ra or see-er-ah?

Embarrassing if I’ve been saying it wrong the whole time (I say Ky-ra)

Caira (Kyra) is how Cabot says it. I still hear a lot of Sierra’s though.

This one is good too c:

I got my favourite (double) yesterday. Hit the Goliath while evolving to stage 3, so he had a fair bit of a health. Fought for a little while before getting out of the dome but my cooldown was off. I placed it in his path as per usual and my trapper caught him mid leap with Griffin’s harpoon and he copped the whole barrage cos I don’t think he could see the harpoon holding him. He died soon after.

Now I’ve done both of those barrages before, but both within ~1min on back-to-back uses…loved it.

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Great orbital indeed. But what was up with the kraken not having any health at all? O_o

Ky-ra is correct. See-Arr-Ah is how the devs jokingly say it sometimes.

Great orbital ? He just tried to evolve in front of the hunters, that’s pretty dumb.
A goliath once tried this against us, needless to say he shared the same fate as the kraken if that video.

Eh, good orbital but that monster started evolving after he was domed and had been shot, I don’t think even a really really bad player would do that but yeah good not amazing orbital, I think anyone can hit an evolving monster but a moving one, that takes serious skill, only seen one hank do that well so far

Staging in dome without caves, roofs etc vs Hank. :-DDDD UNEXPECTED