Evolve Hackers?


I am so maddened and furious at what just occurred to one of my games. Unfortunately as Nvidia drivers had been causing some issues with Evolve, Shadowplay(in-built game recorder for Nvidia cards) was not turned on.

This player was playing as Maggie and the player fucking shot out Harpoon Traps like as though they were bullets, literally. Non stop. Quick as fucking lightning. And to top it off, arena dome had no cooldown. The person was using them to trap me as Goliath, every bloody 10 seconds. Yes I fucking counted after the 4th dome came instantly. This is maddening, frankly speaking. I’ve been keeping a top record in the SEA region as #1 Goliath and this happens. Did I also mention that the person had infinite amount of jetpack fuel?

I barely exhausted my health down to the last 3 bars at one goddamn final ultimatum fight. And the hacker was the last one standing so guess what the player did. Flew up to the goddamn sky with a dome that did not go down for 2 minutes until the timer ran out and I lost as a result.

Sorry for the hateful words but can someone seriously frigging look into this fucking thing?


This game doesn’t use dedicated servers ,correct?


Fairly certain it does, at least on PC.


Damn that sucks man. I don’t think there’s a lot anybody can do. @MacMan @SlabOMeat can anything be done?


I don’t think it does on consoles, or at least Xbox 1


I experienced the same thing and also made a thread about it.

Hopefully they have something in place to ban these people. It’s not that widespread yet but I would hate for it become widespread.


Newsflash. I got into another game, and it seems that the same person is using another nickname (changed via steam) and played as Lazarus. Sure enough his tricks are obvious to me after the previous incident with his Trapper. Used the healing burst every fucking 5 seconds.

Evolve mods seriously need to allow Monsters to chat with the Hunters. Like Left 4 Dead’s system. Talk on team for the Hunters, or to the Monster and such in All chat. Goddamn, I paid 100 for this including the Master Race DLC pack. They better not fuck this up.


And I play on PC. This is the first time it has happened to me ever since the official launch.


The thing that bothers me is the amount of aimbots I’ve been seeing on PC. I’ve seen a few wallhack-ish types of things, which isn’t as bad but still pretty ugh. It’s almost always on Cabot and it’s quite a pain when you keep getting headshotted through walls when they aren’t even anywhere close or have you tagged.


I had a game as Goliath with someone playing Abe. He was able to make a straight line to my hiding position right at the start of the match (I was rather far away and in a cave). I thought ‘huh, lucky guess maybe’ but he just bore right in on me and trapped me. The rest of the match he seemed to have my location non-stop. I kinda put it out of my mind until I read this thread and now Im wondering if he was using a wall hack.


Frankly speaking, I doubt a game of this scale would be able to stop the hackers. After the 2 games I had that was with the same hacker, my hype for Evolve has literally died. SEA region isn’t as big as the other regions in other parts of the world. If one hacker is there, who knows how many more will come. And as always, the hackers are often at the Hunter’s side, rendering the Monster to lose.


I’m quite positiv that I also encountered a hacking Laz in my last game. Not only did his cloak last for minutes during fights, and no, he was not anywhere near the support, but he was also able to insta-rezz while I was camping the body, beating around in the air like a madman. He was also able to literally phase through me when I had him pinned against a wall and was about to kill him. He just jumped right through me as if I was a bush or something. I really hope there will be a way to report such scum in the future or ban them from the game entirely.


Honestly, best thing to do is try getting footage of it so the devs can see what’s happening and they can try to patch this stuff. This is the one thing that I gotta say I like more about consoles. I don’t hear about nearly as many hackers


Others have reported this. There’s already a full-blown hacking service for Evolve. :confused: