Evolve hacked?


i joined an evolve match mid game and it put me as assault. Everything seemed fine until I turned and saw a second Parnell. Then when I looked at my abilities I had the minigun, shotgun and shield. No fourth abillity. Also my skinlooked as though I was the arsenist from team fortress 2. Can anyone help to explain wtf happened?!


You experienced a well-known bug in which a player JIP’ing takes control of the “Ebonstar Soldier.” He’s a bonus from winning on a certain map in Evac, but there’s a bug which uses him as a body for players.

Don’t worry, there is no hacking involved! TRS is looking into it, and hey… It’s kind of fun.


Personally, I think they should add a form of large-scale Planet-side2 game mode where all the different maps are connected by some way or another (perhaps through those restricted areas of the maps) and where there can be a crazy amount of player controlled monsters, and a crazy amount of ebonstar soldiers, except all are player controlled. Now THAT would be awsome.
I mean, they already have the ability to become an ebonstar soldier, and there’s already some form of code hidden in the game for multiple monsters to appear in the same match (along with some unused lava maps which I hope they release) so a game mode like that can’t be to out of the question, right?


@ToiletWraith @Jedi_Warrior Lazaras used his revivifyer


The original reason for making the topic was to report a potential bug/hack. It has been fixed already so the topic has run its course. :slight_smile: