Evolve Grief thread


For that matter, no game company makes business decisions like buying an IP “out of the kindness of their heart”. I don’t know what’s up with people using that as an argument against 2K, as if game companies in general were some sort of humanitarian entities and 2K was like the black sheep among them. There are much more valid arguments to use if you wanna be hellbent on hating them, and I believe this thread has offered them already.


Bottom line is that without 2K we wouldn’t have had Evolve.

You could theorize that someone else may have bought it, but no one else thought it was worth as much as 2K did.

They gave it a chance and unfortunately they didn’t feel it warranted further development.

End of story.


Yup what’s done is done. I can’t wait to see that beautiful logo on the intro to their new game :slightly_smiling_face:. I have a good feeling it will go a lot smoother this time around.


I do. I really miss it.


Your post says almost everything I was thinking.

One thing I’d like to add:

TRS (maybe 2K) gave the players everything they could want to unlock right from the launch of Stage 2.
Then they added monetization in a limited region.
People who were in that region already had everything they could possibly want, there was nothing to buy. Why would they spend money on it?
2K figured this meant people would not spend money on the game, and then they pulled off the power cord.

It’s their fault. Again and again, improper practices leading to improper results.


Companies used to care. But now. Money , money , money , money , money , etc.


Oh no, companies have always been hungry for money. The difference is, before they didn’t have the means to satiate it. If they had had today’s internet back in the days, you can bet your booty they would have done the same things they’re doing now with DLC, Season Passes, microtransactions and the like.


A company, abbreviated as co., is a legal entity made up of an association of people, be they natural, legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise.

A company only exists to make money. Maybe not profit (ie non-profit), but certainly money.


There’s also something else. It’s not just about making money, but also about ‘control’.
Companies want to earn more money than their competitors so they can buy them out or acquire more assets to remain competitive or have a hand in what is going on.

Look at Disney. Look at what that company was before and what it is now. First it bought Pixar in 2006, then LucasArts and finally Marvel in 2009. Aside from that it also has a huge Media network in ABC, ESPN and its own Disney Channel.

Now it’s looking to make its own streaming service in direct competition with Netflix with a library that is just as big.

The way I see things, is that companies are getting bigger and bigger and are swallowing up other companies that can be considered ‘big’ in their own right, but hardly have the budget to remain competitive.


I miss Evolve so much no game was so fun and so much love like this Game :frowning: Im so happy about Monster Hunter World because it give me some Evolve Feeling back but still Evolve is in my Hearth the NR 1

I really would love to see when TRS and Capcom would make a Monster Hunter + Evolve like Game together this would be so amazing :slight_smile:



But they lack in balance. OW is something I can only play for an hour a day, or a few hours a week before I get turned off. It’s balance is the worst I’ve ever seen, and they brush off any mistake they make like it’s no big deal and that it’s the communities fault.

They can make unique IPs and utilize their amazing graphics team, but they do not know how to balance and balance is the single most important thing in a multiplayer-only game.

Pretty much this ^^^^

TRS needs to pay enployees, so they also need to focus on making money. The biggest hurdle is showing true genuineness. It feels like Dice is just pumping out titles cus big daddy EA says so, and because of that I feel like they aren’t connected to their game, whereas with TRS, yes they need the monies, but they make their pride much more transparent. Because of how realistic they all are I don’t feel like I’m getting scammed. I don’t feel like TRS is a money sucker like EA. As long as they value their customers they will forever have me.

Even if things go south with the next IP, they have given me 2 great gaming experiences that I’ll never forget. Whereas with any other Dev I could just be another 0 in their check book. The OW team loves their baby, but it feels like they aren’t 100% genuine because after 30+ million copies sold, they treat balance with such hesitation and thus the community has turned toxic because Blizzard hasn’t been forthcoming with their plans.


I know this is kinda old but I visit these forums quite infrequently nowadays. Just wanted to say to those wondering about the whole process between publishers:

Do any of you remember that last stream where they go over all the development sages and milestones of Evolve?

Not provoking but genuinely asking because that was incredibly revealing
Even though for professional reasons they don’t state a word there’s a HUGE shift between their relationship with the publishing side when 2K took over. They presented Evolve’s concept to THQ. THQ embraced that project. They constantly went back and forth with how to ship a profitable product while actually being believers of the initial concept to begin with

2K bought the IP in an auction where they knew that no matter “what the heck this game is about” the price for that IP was a good deal.

I don’t like to beat up the old “boooh companies bad they want money” key but there’s a difference in between two companies looking for profit while one of them actually took the first investment and financial risk and the other just saw an IP on discount sale to capitalize in.

Furthermore, as mentioned before Evolve was profitable but not enough for 2Ks standards. Given how they always do business differently to what THQ and TRS had intentions on doing the main reason for them to take TRS out of the project isn’t really because it “couldn’t be saved” but rather because they still believe the IP is potentially more profitable adopting other practices and focus with some other in house developers or some other studio they’re more aligned or have more control over to work on futurely.