Evolve Grief thread


Oh I’m sure they deserve it. They do everything for business, they take the community as a source of power for capitalism, and be sure that they aren’t done with the “DLC-flood” strategy.


They are a business though, all they are doing is making money.


And that’s it! There’s nothing but profit in the head of 2K. Why would big companies make a lot of profit when they could just spend it instead of keeping it like spongers?


Meaning they don’t give a single :poop: about the people who play their games


It’s the developers that make the content though, the publishers are just a machine to distribute it.


I think the problem is that Evolve didn’t make enough money. I don’t think it actually LOST money…the profit margin just was not great enough to continue (but I also blame 2K for this since they didn’t set it up to maximize profits). I appreciate that 2K brought the game to us, hands-down, but their delivery and packaging was sub-par at best. Add to the lackluster decision-making of 2K, popular YouTubers making Evolve the Nickleback of the gaming industry - just the game everyone points to and loves to hate on simply due to DLC (and we see time and again big, huge game franchises pump out even more DLC than Evolve but they are almost untouched by the same level of hate), and last but not least gamers themselves…you know the kind I mean: The type that says they want innovation, something fresh and different, but really just want an Easy button experience with the newest graphics of today, 1V1 everything on their own, blame others because they can’t act in a team format and couldn’t possibly make a mistake on their own, and don’t want to learn to perform as a combined unit. It was not for casuals who wanted this shooter to be just like every other shooter out there.


I agree, we can’t fault 2K for making a sensible business decision and halting a project that wasn’t returning the investment.

We CAN fault them, however, for being responisble for that happening in the first place. We can fault them for applying their crappy DLC practices to Legacy, turning so many people off and preventing the game from reaching the popularity it was capable of. We can fault them for making questionable decisions during Stage 2, like not monetizing the game outside the US, and (possibly) not porting it to consoles.

I don’t hate (maybe a strong word for what I feel, but you know what I mean) them for stopping Evolve’s development per se. I hate them for their excessive greed prior to Stage 2, and short-sightedness during, all factors that led to Evolve’s eventual demise and all faults that sure as hell fall on their shoulders. To my mind, those are reasons enough for a fan to be pissed at them, and for them to deserve the rage they’re getting.


True dat.

Wasn’t their another publisher before 2k though, one that crashed?


Well the original publisher of Evolve was going to be THQ, but it imploded and they were forced to sell off the IP, which 2K then bought.


To this day, I’m never supporting 2K again because I got so attached to this game and their inability to sell it right was so crushing. Evolve is a great game, and it’ll never get the recognition it deserves all because of this shitty publisher. Whatever TRS is doing next, I’m interested. Hopefully Dauntless can fill my giant monster void, because there’s an Evolve-shaped hole in my Mettaton-shaped heart.


like @del009 said, THQ tatered. TRS tried to buy the IP their selves, but 2k went and outbid them for it, then was ultimately responsible for messing the entire thing up, so… yeah, I’ll give them as much crap as they deserve. >_> I just try not to start conversations about them because I’m so acidic towards 2k now it’s not fun for other people.

I honestly don’t know? If you have good internet, then you can try it and tell me if it works. If you don’t have good internet, I would advise not trying, as if it doesn’t work you’ll have downloaded 40GB for nothing, and then be forced to download another 20GB to get back to Stage 2 :<


Yeah, that’s what I thought and 2k saved it.


…and killed it almost 2 years later.


What I’m getting at is… I don’t think 2k needed to be involved for Evolve to work. They just saw dollar signs and decided to steal it from TRS, then ruin Evolve from day one, then try and re-boot it, then yank the plug before TRS can fully fix it… Yeah no, 2k didn’t save anything.


Lets be fair though…2K didn’t seek to destroy Evolve…they simply saw the financial potential and milked the cow dry before it could stand on its legs. I don’t think they meant to, it’s just that almighty drive for the buck that caused it. It was all business, but bad business decisions. TRS had a solid reputation from Left 4 Dead, and it was a very successful franchise still going strong today…but they did need a publisher. 2K saw the drive people had for Evolve and the massive clamoring for it, so they jumped on it and wanted to get as much as they could while they could. Then they realized what happened from the blowback and knew they had to make a change if the franchise would remain alive like L4D, so rebooted the game to try and bring it back to life…this would be good for both them and the game, of course, because it would keep the money flow going. But unfortunately they continued to use their The Book of Bad Ideas, and so they only gave Stage 2 life support and not the full-on cardio paddles, and pulled the plug right when promise was being shown.


Very much agreed. My issue is that 2k went behind the backs of the TRS developer team 2 weeks after phil robb sat down and said “there will only be meaningful DLC, only characters for money. Maps will be free, skins are planned to be free” and then… day one, 2k threw down like 40 skins in the DLC page. Between everyone clamoring to stop pre-purchasing, pre-ordering, or otherwise pre-anything and evolve offering several levels of that, and 2k trying to sneak in day one skin dlc everyone jumped ship.

So when I blame 2k for fucking things up from the start, I mean day one, they fucked things up.


I still start up Evolve once in a great while on PC. The whole 2k thing is I feel kinda like they could have almost ruined a really good dev team and how I come up with this assumption is most people I talk to about Evolve say the developers gave up and quit supporting it even some articles on the internet. It makes me a little mad because it isn’t TRS’s fault 2k quit supporting the game but still there is a lot of misinformed people out there. In the long run though I’m not going to buy 2k product because of what they did to a TRS game.


This comment is underrated. You pretty much worded exactly how it is.


Let’s also not paint 2K as a company run by a sole individual or even team. The decision they make are needed to keep their investors. They have a set goal of ‘profit’ they want to achieve in order to keep their investors happy. If they don’t, the company loses investors and the whole business loses in value where at one point, it gets bought out by a bigger company and no longer remains in control.

That’s just the nature of how business works.

But as we can see, the triple A gaming industry has already started to develop recognizable behavioral patterns.

  1. Create sequals/pre-quals of existing succesful IP’s (which cost less resources because of the re-use of existing assets and an already experienced team)
  2. Implement some form of in-game monetization option in every title (with the intent to increase revenue and re-playability)
  3. Develop new IP’s using a part of the profit, so it can go through the same cycle to be re-washed and extorted.

But there are exceptions like Blizzard, whereas they focus more on titles that can be played for many years with profit relying mostly on in-game revenue and expansions. That’s why they sold Overwatch not at full price of 60$, to make it more accessible to people so it has a larger audience that can access their in-game store (aka buy loot boxes).


they didnt save it out of the kindness fo their hearts. THQ Baught the rights and when they went backrupt TRS tried to reby the name but they didnt thave the money. But 2K saw money in Evolve and baught the rights and allowed TRS to work on it.

Btw 2K didnt buy it and let TRS work on it because they cared. They saw the money in it and were too lazy to right another dev team to produce it so they just hired TRS.

Sorta like a Finders keepers losers weepers situation.

Also , im not saying TRS is bad, not at all. Im jsut saying, that if you got your hands on a new IP and want it to be successfull, you would have put your best availible dev team on it.