Evolve Grief thread


I miss it. Like really i want it to come back.

I wanna cry.

Who feels the same.



I do. I’m a fairly new member of the fandom, as in I only got into the game when it went F2P but I’ve developed an attachment to it nonetheless. I really dig its lore, characters and atmosphere, and I do miss the times when we all would gather up here and talk about it (yes, even those constant OP/UP cries), I miss the excitement for the new hunters and monsters, I miss looking forward to stuff.

But it’s not all dark. Recently @SledgePainter has managed to hook me back into the game (which I kinda stopped playing cause most of the people I used to team up with did the same), and now we regularly meet up with some other people to have fun. Still, whenever I call it a night and close the game, I can’t help but grieve as well, thinking about what the game could have… evolved into.


I still find it upsetting that I barely even touched the game for almost 2 years and still I can remember every character’s kit

And past class abilities



I pre ordered it and everything.

I was one of the few that loved slim’s nade launcher


I keep playing it with Sledge and a few other players she invites.


Me :


Cough That moment when Bucket used to have a UAV cough


This game took a special place in my heart,it really do


I never had a chance to play stage two. There is not a day I don’t think about Evolve.


This game holds a very special place in my heart.

Evolve was the very first game I played on PS4. After the console had been set up, I played it for FIVE hours straight. I had four other games I could play but I barely touched them. I was playing Evolve for like 3-4 months straight. That’s how much I love this game. I ended up playing less of Evolve because I started buying other games but I always made sure to play this game at least once a week. I joined these forums a month after I got the game, which only enhanced my experience. I didn’t think I’d go beyond just posting about not getting the Poison Frog Goliath skin. It was really fun to look forward to stuff. I loved basically everything about the game. When Stage 2 was announced for PC, I was upset, but I still loved playing Evolve. It didn’t matter if it was Legacy or Stage 2. And then 2K came in and took the rights away from TRS, dashing any hope of Stage 2 coming to consoles and seeing all the new modes, maps, and characters that TRS was creating for us. I remember being in total shock. I saw videos saying “it’s over” and “goodbye Evolve”, so I just thought that those YouTubers were quitting Evolve. When I came on here and saw the final message from the devs, I thought that Chris or Phil was leaving TRS. I was not prepared for the actual contents of the message. It broke my heart to know that my favorite game of all time was not going to be worked on anymore. The way 2K treated the game afterwards was also terrible. They didn’t care about the game one bit. I was very unhappy to see Evolve get mistreated like this. We couldn’t even do anything but hope. 2K’s a multi-million dollar game company. It would take a LOT of people to convince them to continue developing Evolve. But that doesn’t stop me from playing this game, even though I know that it’s most likely not going to be updated ever again. I will never stop playing this game. If the online servers go down, I’ll just play single player or find players who are hosting a game. Not even death will stop me from playing this game. I’ll playing Evolve in heaven. I really miss those days when the game was getting updates. I would love to see them come back. I always check the internet, hoping to see a sign of Evolve’s resurgence. I would freak out if my PS4 told me that “Evolve: Update 2.16” was downloading and the logo had changed to the Goliath footprint in the lava.


you could >.> load it up.


Do you have a computer by any chance? If yes, do you still have that wish of playing Evolve’s most “recent” update on a computer? I’d like to hear your opinion if you do play it on PC.
Also, I find your message constructive and very deep, and I approve it. But I notice that in fact everyone in this thread has Evolve in the most deepest part of their heart. 2K Games gave everyone a sour taste in the mouth and we all feel empathy for TRS.
Only the dumbest people who are still spitting on the game doesn’t know what really happened to it…and they don’t know either that it leads nowhere to hate something without any other goal than hating.
I blame two things, 2K Games’ competitive lust of money (combined with their disastrous marketing logic) and the haters who usually have nothing in the skull.


now im thinking about gorgon has it been that long oof


Not yet. That’s on my 2018 wishlist. Evolve is the first game I plan on buying for it (I’d like to have my Founder status since S2 never came to PS4).

I honestly won’t be surprised if people defend 2K just because they make NBA games (We all know how popular those games are).


EA Games - Buy Everything.

2K games - Outta sight, outta mind.


I believe there are still websites selling PC codes if you’d like to have founder status :]


Is Legacy only available to founders? I can see the option to switch to Legacy and I’m no founder so I’m curious.


People, we are bashing 2k games WAY to much.


2K Games came in and decided to Publish the game we love in our hearts. If I remember correctly Evolve was waiting on a publisher. 2k Games took the job and we got a solid year and a half of updates before the game went f2p.

In the F2P stage, they (trs) were given about 1 business quarter to turn the franchise around and bring back its popularity. I can not hold 2K in ill manner for pulling the seeding of the project.

While Evolve slowly wilted, 2k Games was kind enough to allow the F2P version to keep going albeit no updates ever again. That is ok. Evolve gave us a solid 2 years of playing and an experience we will never forget.

I just don’t think 2K games deserves all the hate people throw at them.


Patch 2.10 Evolve.

I have more, but I released these videos on release of the patches to show people what they might see.