Evolve gone from ESL Play?


I was thinking about playing competitively for Evolve, and when looking for Evolve on ESL Play, it appears to have been taken out. :cry:

Does this mean that The Gentlemen"s League, is the new way to play competitively (love the name though): http://thegentlemensleague.net/. Although there doesn’t seem to have been much activity going on lately?


No, ESL is taking a break as they determine new rules etc… going forward.


That’s great! Any idea how long this might take?


I don’t, sorry.


I’m just gonna put this here to tease you a bit:



I’m sorry, enlighten me, what’s ESL?


ESports organization. They do (well, did) Evolve tourneys and stuff. Apparently they’re taking a break now though.


Electronic Sports League. It’s a similar concept to MLG. An organization that hosts professional gaming competitions.


So will ESL for sure do Evolve again as they refine the rules? Or is it moving purely to battlefy for the foreseeable future? Or?


I would assume they are doing their own thing but I don’t represent ESL or Battlefly so I don’t know.


Haha no worries. Was just wondering if youd picked up anything off of the grapevine


Speaking of ESL,

I’m looking for Behemoth competitive play footage, does anyone knows where I could find recent ones ?


Hes largely considered unviable for competitive play, so its pretty rare to see any- And in all honesty the amount of times weve seen behemoth picked “seriously” is outweighed by the amount of times weve seen behemoth picked “for the luls”. Quite often teams will do “obligatory” matches- One team or the other has basically already won, but out of respect they finish their remaining matches- And most times (that im aware of) that weve seen behemoth, he was picked in these situations- With the hunters picking goofy picks as well, more so to give the viewers a show, rather than a serious try hard competition.

Hopefully well see some better play once behemoths abilities become more reliable. But until then :frowning:


Jesus that’s depressing.

But I remember a behemoth won a match once. People talked about it months ago.

( I feel like I’m talking about a legend ^^ )


Lots more BoB games available, but here’s one for you guys :slight_smile:

Man… I really need to stop plugging my own content :frowning:


Plug your content all day long man.


I love you content and casts, I’m litterally watching the past Twitch videos on your channel :smiley:


Do you know where can I find competitive evolve games with no commentary, or if any videos like that exist?


You can try checking the players’ channels, but even they might have them talking. (Usually people prefer someone talking over instead of just the silent gameplay. I do at least).