Evolve Goes Gold & More News!


Hello wonderful forum members!

We have a few bits of good news for you all to start off the new year.

First of all, Evolve has “Gone Gold”! What this means is that we passed all first party certification and the final game is off to be printed on discs. Hooray, that means it’s just one step away from being in stores and in your hands!

Since this is a pretty big deal for us, we wanted to share something super cool with all those who’ve been supporting us as we toiled towards this point. So here’s the first look at our intro cinematic from the game.

Second, for any of you who have been following our No Shave til Ship pledge, you’ll know that means the official end of the contract and we have some beards to shave and hair to cut! For those of you not familiar with it, many of us at TRS promised to not shave our beards (for those capable of growing them) or to not cut our hair (for those beardless few) until we passed cert. For each inch of beard grown or hair cut, we promised to donate $50 to Child’s Play charity.

After a long day of measuring beards around the studio, @SlaboMeat confirmed that the 33 participating men grew a whopping 159.5 inches of beard hair! For some perspective, that’s over 13 feet - if it were a single beard growing off Goliath, it would reach past his waist. Not to be outdone, the 10 TRS women who participated in No Clip til Ship committed to cutting 71 inches of hair, which would stand about as tall as Maggie on a particularly big hair day.

When all tallied up, TRS raised $11,375 for Child’s Play. But wait, there’s more! Some of the fantastic folks at 2K joined us in our beardy pledge and 2K has been supremely generous to match our donation! That means a total of $22,750 going to buy games and support “the power of play” for kids in hospitals and domestic violence shelters.

We know some of you have been following along with the No Shave or Clip pledge at home, so if you have any pictures of your final beard or hair donation, we’d love to see them! Hopefully, I’ve convinced some of our TRS folks to take some photos as well that we’ll be able to share soon.

Last but not least, @DamJess and I know how many of you have been asking us where you can buy nifty Evolve stuff. The wait is finally over. There will be a few things up on the 2K store this morning and we’ll keep adding to it as we come up with more fun items :slight_smile:

Now that the main game has been effectively completed, we’ll be focusing on fine-tuning based on information gathered during the Open Beta next week and working hard on exciting DLC content like our fourth Monster.

Given that this is a pretty huge milestone for us, we at TRS just wanted to take a minute to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been cheering us on the past year. We’re active on the forums and try to engage with you all as much as possible because you’re a wonderful group of people and your kind words and excitement really give us the strength to power through the long nights and challenging days to put out a game we’re all incredibly proud to have you play.

We’ll have more news as February 10th approaches, so keep an eye on the forums and we’ll see you all in game soon :smiley:


that monster wasn’t that great


Can we get a link to the store? I need a hoodie and beanie for the cold wait on February 9th


Congrats on everything TRS.Cinematic was also perfect.
Again Congrats everyone


The video is very good! I really liked it!
Well rendered and animated!

Congratulations on going gold!

Please keep up the good work!


Good point, sorry. Added the link now. Although it looks like it hasn’t gone live on their end yet. But it’s still early, so keep an eye on it today.


Congratulations to everyone at Turtle Rock and 2K :smile: :tada:


Congrats. I feel that while the video did well to give the characters meaning, I still find the first ‘Mother’ video better as an intro. However, congrats on getting the Gold and good luck with all the busy fine tuning :slight_smile: SO excited for next week as well as release.



Looking forward to new content, like the next set of hunters. :smiley:



Priorparty, or a prep party, or… Something. I don’t know. YAY!

Nice cinematic, can’t wait for 2k store to update, and for Evolve to be out already!


Loved the happy hunting trailer as well. It was more of the suspense of “What exactly are they hunting… holy sh*t!” whereas this one was more about the fight


I want to see that hair.


This news just made my day!! Such a great thing to wake up to this morning.

Thanks TRS!


I don’t know what you’re talking about. It downed Maggie and really put the hurt on Hank, also, dat leap smash moment. shudders with excitement.

Awesome cinematic and I’m going to buy a Cabot patch as soon as it’s available.


Am I the only one who noticed that Daisy is MIA?


No, I noticed it too!

Maybe it’d have been difficult to animate Daisy for this - accounting time restraints and resources…

But it’d have been very nice to see her in action!


:slight_smile: So excited and happy!


Great cinematic!


Is that strange to you? Sounds like a typical day in the life of a Hunter. xD I’m sure she was off on the distance licking a rock or something.


Can’t wait to REALLY dive into the game! Already took a “sick day” so I can play/stream a TON on release day :smiley: