Evolve GLOBAL Release Date is February, 10th


I just heard from the guys at 2K and apparently I was given faulty information. Turns out…

Evolve releases February 10th GLOBALLY

So there we go! Outside of a few regions in Asia, the 10th is the day the monsters invade the world.

ACTUAL uk release date

It’s hard to find a developer/publisher combo who can make sure the fine gamers in Antarctica get their copies of Evolve when everyone else does. Good on ya!


YES :slight_smile:


Awesome news! Glad to be able to destroy as the Monster or work together as a team on the same day as our friends across the pond! :smile:



Wonderful news! You guys always look out for the community. Rock on!



I’m ready slinky!





Regarding the Xbox One predownload… Will we get any of the preorder bonuses with a predownload or does it need to be a physical preorder?


I’ pretty certain you will get the monster expantion pack if you preload it but I’m not sure about the other packs like the hunter skin pack and the instant hunter pack.


The weapon skin pack is from gamestop and instant hunter from amazon. Don’t know the others store that offer this but have not seen one that offers both. O.o

and fyi weapon skin dlc will be in the store 30 days after release.


in the uk amazon has the hunter skin pack instead


Did not know they had the hunter skin pack, might be in store after 30 days aswell? since steam has no extra bonus :confused:


Awesome to hear! Now I’m taking vacation days for the release, so you guys better not change the date again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think i have free from school the week after release not sure during the week of release… might aswell not go :slight_smile:


Saving up vacation + sick leave :smiley:


So glad the whole world can enjoy tearing crap apart together.


Part time job = plenty of time for evolve :smiley: