Evolve Glitches


Hi, Turtle Rock Studios. I have a serious bug to report. It’s about Behemoth, specifically. I was playing with my friend, I was Griffin, and my friend was Parnell. I threw down a dome, but it appeared to roll through mid air and just escape my dome. My friend told me this happened to me before, in other games. Please, could you make sure that this bug is fixed? Also, with all Monsters, if the Monster’s hand, leg, including half of it’s body, makes it outside the dome, it seems to walk right through it. Do everything that you can. My friend and I absolutely love this game, and we don’t want it to go down because of bugs. Thanks!


If this is what I’m thinking it is, then this isn’t so much a bug but the issue with latency over the internet. You saw the monster as being inside, but the monster was infact actually outside, so you see him leave the arena even though he was almost in. It’s one of the quirks of internet gaming where a server is trying to interpret where people should be for representing this information on everyone’s game, but frequently has it very slightly off.

Not sure if there is a way to fix this in particular, or if it’s fair for a monster that sees that it is outside the dome to get dragged a couple of feet back to be trapped.