Evolve Giveaway from Curse Voice Chat


So if you just download Curse Voice when you log-in you click the Evolve Banner in top you get a chance of winning a full Evolve game.Now i know most of us already have it but…You can always give it to a friend :slight_smile:

So just download the programm/log in/click on the Evolve banner and you’re in


I want to multibox with 4 evolve games at once now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i also signed-up.Not that i care much i already have PCMR and my friends are not into Evolve.So i’d just find a guy who need it or something ;p


Can I delete it right after?


Yeah of course.Your e-mail is already in the ruffle.(at least i guess lol)


Damn it… I am at school. I can’t download now.


Aw… It is PC…


Pretty sure if you win it you might be able to trade it with someone.Or something like that.


If you win and your looking to give the code to someone I don’t have it yet.


so… when exactly are the codes given out?


Dunno people.I just saw it from Evolve Facebook and i just posted it here.


Yeah, I have no clue when the codes are given out or even where they’re given out. But I really want to win because I most likely won’t be able to pick this game up for awhile. Good luck everyone!


So i just checked Curse Facebook page and they have already sent the keys 3 hours ago.Guess none of us is the winner?


werent it 50?


Yeah well i guess since Evolve page posted it there would be a couple thousands who entered