Evolve getting another update?


I stopped playing Evolve because it had too many bugs for me to be able to play it, especially the crashing.

I would like to return to the game someday, maybe one of the patches will make it playable, is there any information on when the next PC patch might come out?


Ouch lol, nvm game seems like it has lost like 65% of the player base since I last played:


Says there are only like 500 players online lol, I only stopped playing after the last update. Maybe I will check back in May, I dunno.

Thanks anyways! Have a good one.


They are not focusing on fixing the bugs, they seem to be focusing heavily on adding content and balancing atm.


They’ve actually fixed several bugs already and the next update will fix a few more. Most game breaking bugs have already been taken care of though and the balance of the game is in an overall good state - There’s some kinks here and there, but those too are slowly being ironed out.

Also keep in mind that Tier 4 has been released, and in a few days we’ll be receiving two new maps on PC ^^


Umm can you name a fev that have actually been fixed?


Ebonstar Bug is gone

Wraith Evolving Freezing Game Indefinitely is gone

Mouse Cursor bug(s) are gone

Monster hearing the Darted Wildlife sound from anywhere on the map when Abe darts is gone

AI falling through the world after using the Evac Warp Gate map effect is gone

…Just to name a few as you asked. Sure, plenty are still here, but none are too game-changing or happen enough to EXPECT to happen (Save the Corpse falling through the world thing. Preventing Monsters from eating and Laz from reviving since 2015! Though to be fair, it’s probably not so cut and dry to fix that one. Who knows. Shrugs)


Although tbh new ones seem to pop out at an equal rate as they fix older ones. But still yea, they’ve been fixing quite a lot of it.


Oh I agree, and frankly I’m sure that’ll continue. Fix a couple bugs, now the coding has given rise to another one somehow that you have to dive back into to fix… and that could spawn another one and on and on and on…

I don’t envy the job, for sure hehe


this was mar 13 so no its rare but not fixed.

Mouse cursor bug is not fixed, its ductape fixed as in its easy to alt tab and it fixes it self but the bug still persists.

Falling trough world still persists as in not fixed.

4 days ago

Wraith freezing bug appeared in some recent patch and was fixed asap, good for them too bad they cant seem to fix all the bigger issues.

Did you also know that the sound bug is still not fixed just to name some that have been here from alpha, same as the falling trough world just like the DC’s from games, Lobby probelms, cryengine crashes, device hung error and much much more all been here from alpha.


Huh. Neither my usual crew nor myself seen it since the patch that removed it. (At least they haven’t mentioned it happening, and all of them were pretty hot-headed about it. O.o)

Same with Mouse Cursor. Never had it be gone or persist into game since that patch. At least they seem to be isolated events now instead of widespread.

Agreed. I never said that was fixed (In fact it seems to happen often when you play Laz. That or it’s more noticeable when it happens hehe). I said AI using the Warp Gate falling through the world was fixed. Which I have also not seen since that patch.

I’d argue Wraith Freezing was quite a high-profile issue, as that one only prevented 1/3 of the possible Monster Selection (At the time) from being used at all, unless you aimed for a Stage 1 win.

Hey, you asked to name a few that were fixed and I did. I never claimed all the bugs in the entire game were fixed or that they didn’t exist.
I was just merely answering your question :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought this was a gameplay feature.


I thought so as well. Always kinda figured it was an early warning system of how active Abe was at darting wildlife to make you all kinds of paranoid, but apparently not :stuck_out_tongue:


Im just saying that the bug fixing has been kinda poor, probably due to the super slow/difficult patch validation by microsoft.
Micro patching speed seems to be good now finaly when they got that going.

Ya i asked but i had to give counter evidence sine the Op asked have they been fixed and the answer is no.
Has it got better Yes, still a long long way to being a bug free game.

Most annoying ones still being the crashing,dropship bug and falling trough world the last one being rare these days thou.


That was very old.We have no EbonStar soldier now.

Cursor bug.Not sure.I haven’t had it for ages.A tip is IF you get it.Shift+tab.Don’t alt tab out of the game.Just press Shift+tab to go in the steam overlay and again to close it.It is like a 0.8sec thing.But again this ain’t happening anymore.If it happens tho i don’t care much cause now we can remove it asap


When do you guys think the next big update for this game will be? The 30th maybe since ps4 and ,PC are getting new maps?


no they are working on it and bla

the way @MacMan talks it feels like 4-5 weeks


God I hope not. I wish we could get more news on this stuff. Like this game really needs that ranked mode, but TRS has said nothing about it.


macman posted yesterday that they are working on it but it will not get released in a long time

that made me cry


God that could make me cry. Its something I think could really help this game right now. That sucks


its the biggest problem skilled players dont wanna play with pubs pubs dont wanna get stomped by skilled monsters
and skilled monsters are getting bored of pubstomping.