Evolve GeForce Game Ready Driver


NVidia released a new GeForce driver with performance optimizations for Evolve and SLI support.




I can’t download it because everytime I start Geforce Experience it says it encountered an error and must close. It’s such a buggy application :confused:


I’m getting that too right now, even though it was working fine yesterday. Weird.


Mine has started doing this also, never had the issue before


mee three-ty-four


read somewhere reinstalling sorts the issue I will try now


I’m just downloading the driver update manually from the nvidia site, just like the good old days.


You can download it manually. App also crashes for me.



Re installing Did Not work. Never had issues with GeForce before. Oh well will do it manually.


Anyone else getting a fuckton of game breaking bugs in Evolve? :’(


Like what? I played for several hours yesterday and it worked fine.


i have 9 fps with
gforce gtx 760
i5 2400 quad @3 ,1
8gb ram
250 gb ssd evo

win 7

I’m rly sad about the game performance i preordered 50€ for a game that does not work AT ALL!!


Theres gotta be some else wrong the dude, I ran the game previously on a 2 year old GTX 650 with fine FPS, Unfornatley I can not say what the issue would be.


Strangely, I had a wonderful performace when I played the entire release night, much better than in the Beta. However, now in broad daylight I often have “hickups”. I had them even before I updated to the new drivers. Is it possible that lag can be so bad for the framerate? I would expect lagging players to move jerkily in my game, but not the entire game itself.


Evolve is now on the list but I am unable to optimize it and it says “Unable to retrieve all current settings. Try restarting the game or changing the settings within the game first.”
I have done a clean install of the Nvidia drivers and software but the problem is still there.