Evolve Gameplay video (Monster and Hunter) 1080p HD


Hello I got into Evolve Big alpha, so I decided to make a gameplay video of it. So here is the link for it: So here is the link for it! Let me know what you think, it has both monster and hunter gameplay as the title says. I personally liked the game really much, let me know what you think about the game overall. If you’re interested for more gameplay videos head out to my channel and you’ll find more info about it.


Good video risky move evolving in the middle of combat but if paid off


Thanks! Yeah, I know it was a bit risky move but one of them was dead and they were reviving that one anyways, and I couldn’t have stopped that ress so I decided to evolve so I can finish them before the drop. And yes, it luckily paid off :stuck_out_tongue: