Evolve gameplay infographics

Hey everyone!

I would like to express my love for the game and my support to TRS for building a game which I find very unique and highly entertaining! I believe TRS can turn this game into a big succes. It must not be easy balancing such a complex game, but that is what you get creating something new and challenging - and that’s what I love about this approach. I hope my graphics can explain certain gameplay aspects for beginners and support advanced players into making game changing decisions.

As of now the graphics premiere every week exclusively on twitch.tv/black_aegis @BlackAegis (sunday’s stream). If you have any feedback, ideas or data which we can use in new infographics - let me know!

<3 Flou

twitch: Flou800


only one picture? where are all the others, Flou :open_mouth:
They’re all pretty great looking !

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Patients :slight_smile:

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Also: @TheDudeAbides lets combine our data :)!


Absolutely love those, thanks alot!

And finally get to see the one with the infamous spelling error, always missed it on the stream :smirk: