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I’m surprised nobody has made this yet, and I originally didn’t want to, but someone told me they wanted to hear about it, and the fact that we just today got word on the alpha, best chance to make it is now, so here it goes. This first post will be about Kraken, and I’m going to tell you about it unlike any review you’ve read before. Please tell me if you want more. This is gona be long…

(If anyone has played the game and wants to share some moments (even you, devs) then please go ahead)

Monster: Kraken
All along I’ve wanted to play as the monster, it not only allows me to beat entire teams alone, but carries a deeper personal meaning, but enough of that, here’s how playing Kraken was,

When the match started, it showed the awesome beast on human territory, eating the corpse of a dead human with a message following that said “Run, the hunters are coming!” which immediately put me in a flight response. Instead of a jump (or flying), I lift off into the air and glide, much like the ability in Infamous. I felt an urge to be meticulous and do things a certain way, such as: don’t dwell in one area, leave as little tracks as possible, only eat things you can kill in one hit, don’t use abilities as they cause noise (which let me remind everyone, noise is a HUGE factor is this game for both sides). These rules I gave myself drove my character onward in directions I didn’t plan, almost as if I was an actual animal, using only my surroundings as my sense of direction. Never before have I done that in a game.

As I just filled my meter for stage 2, a pack of trapjaws arrived to stop me, and they really did feel like the game’s version of a bully, not scary, or threatening, but like C’MON MAN!!! That took effort and time with hunters not far behind, and they nearly just ruined it (if not for my evolve meter being full). Being the calculated person I am, I used the trapjaws as a diversion and sound cover up for the noise of my evolution. It worked perfectly, and oh, how satisfying it felt to be a new, bigger, and badder creature.

After narrowly escaping the grasp of the hunters (which I did so by not letting the trapper get me in their line of sight), the process began once more. Speeding up to the final fight to keep it shorter than it has to be, I was stage three and felt that finally, I was in control. After so long of being chased and pressed forward, the fact that the choice of where to fight, how to fight, and how the fight goes, is now up to ME, was as relieving as it was rewarding for living that long. Screw my past rules, it was go time!

In short, I started by luring the hunters from the generator by keeping out of view, drawing them toward my little pocket under the building until SURPRISE!!! As I’ve stated in other posts, the key to beating Lazarus is to focus him but just as important, to always attack two people at once. As Kraken, it’s important that you think a step ahead of them, guess their next move, keep tracks of your cooldowns, etc.

Laz down, Hyde down, oh I sense their realization that they saw this wasn’t going their way, being zapped by this living lighting storm that is the Kraken, and they ran. After killing two and downing the rest, feeling near victorious, I wondered why the fight didn’t end, that was until a 400 pound rhino skinned mutt with an actual spike mohawk started CLIMBING THE GOD DAMN WALL (looked as though she was running away to delay for dropship, no teammates in that direction either, smart as hell AI), which might’ve not been surprising if it weren’t for the fact that I evolved next to a pack of those things!.

Anyway, downed Daisy, won the game, and that, was my first ever taste of Evolve… and I am sorry for that length. If you want more, say so, and which class.

Accounts of a Dev Match
I finally got to play Evolve!

I’m surprised you remembered it this well. I played as Goliath against the tier one hunters at an event in Birmingham, and all I really remember is running as far as I can hoping they wouldn’t find me.

I already knew what Evolve was about at the time so I had the advantage. I remember their Griffin player decided to wander off alone though, so he was an easy kill.

After that I just so happened to bump into the remaining hunters when I was on my way to the generator. I beat them all, got the t-shirt, and came away very happy with myself

Edit: I have no idea why that photo is sideways


Ever since February, this has been the only game that I’ve had any real hype about. Also, cheers to you becoming moderator. Brandini, the other one, is the person who told me to write this.


Thanks! And it was cool to read, I like hearing how other people played the game :slight_smile:


More! oh moremoremore of any class, anything! I love it!


Seconded completely.


I must now kiss you for that epic description


I told you they’d go nuts over it. Great thread and look forward to more :slight_smile:


Ah man that sounds soooooo epic. I can’t wait to create my own awesome experience within the planet shear. Love this game sooooooo much and haven’t even played it yet!


Reading that just made me even more hyped to play the game!


Before I begin, I have one thing to say about that Kraken match I played, I had my friend time it, and it was only three minutes long…moving on!

Assault: Hyde

Assault’s probably get the least love out of people everywhere I look, from the forums to people at E3 (though at E3, people were scared to play as the monster so…). It’s actually my favorite hunter class. Here’s my beginning try at Hyde.

So the match begins for us after the time the monster has to get the hell out of dodge, with basically only me tasked to do the one thing we’re really here for, to kill that land squid. While Daisy gave a direction, Bucket’s head zooms off to search. Meanwhile the medic and me are just, well, tagging along and being a mere extra set of eyes and ears. Nothing exiting really happens, as we follow the trail of remains and sounds that the creature left in its wake, and I grew anxious, as I had already made a damage plan and was waiting for the moment to unleash pure hell.

Hoping to not scare it off out of doming range, even Lazarus used his cloak to check corners, but all that careful searching went to waste, as the weird sound of someone putting their upper lip to water and blowing (It actually sounds hilarious) occurred, the monster was evolving to stage two.

As we passed the leftovers of its evolving spot, we all were worried and changed our strategy to “F@ck it, full speed ahead!” and it…actually worked pretty well, the Kraken was just ahead eating little three meats, with its hind legs off the ground looking like it’s about to just float upward (also insanely funny) but enough laughs, its kill time!

The one dome I need had arrived and its time to activate plan TRIPLE THREAT. What happened next was the most awesome Hyde damage faceroll ever seen at E3, so fast, the crowd of people waiting in line behind me were in awe. Allow me to explain, as I didn’t even see the dev team do this. Hydes poison grenade and flamethrower do DoT, but where as other people spend time running around to get in range with the high damage flamethrower, I stacked the minigun’s damage, on top of the flamethrower burn ON TOP of the poison gas, which equals #MLGMonsterSlayer420getWreckedF@ggit.

While the others were doing their respective jobs, I was in my own pure insane happiness going toe to toe, claw, talon and tentacle with this misplaced octopus. They key to facing Kraken (as Hyde) is to keep a medium distance all times and stay out of reach from the lighting strike and aftershock, but close enough to recover from the mines and vortex. About 20 seconds later, Cthulhu’s mini figurine only has 1/4th health left and is running for it’s life in the dome trying to CC only me, but to no avail, as the personal shield may still let you be knocked back, but you can keep firing. Seconds later, before the dome even drops, the Kraken does first, and I get major high fives from the team, even both coaches looked like “oh dam!”. With that, I’m dying to get more action in this alpha, trying to get my mind off of the pure devastation I reaped upon that poor player that I’m sure not sorry for… is that bad?

Alright that’s done, really awesome that people enjoy this, but now, who should I write about next?


I’d love to hear trapper next. You sir are an excellent narrator


are you korean? xD


German/Irish, which is funny because those are the two biggest immigrant countries to America.


That’s awesome, man!

and if you have any stories about Daisy (yes Daisy) please share xD


Trapper, please.


Trapper: Maggie & Daisy

You’ve probably heard that the trapper is the most important class, and you heard right, as nobody else can do their job until you do your namesake. The experience I had with this duo was unique and new, so here is the first time I played them.

Starting off the game with Maggie, there is NO slack, for as soon as Daisy hits the ground she darts toward monster tracks and keeps on going. Let me say that following, Daisy was a whole different experience than I’ve had in any game, the more I thought about it. In what other game do you have an AI companion online (that you don’t actively control, to cancel out RPG’s)? Moreover, in what online game do you have a companion that not only makes you follow it, but makes you WANT to and enjoy following it, along with three other people? It’s like “Oh, she’s on to something!” constantly, as if we were on some sort of quest.

And as I rambled on in my head, my head also got stuck in a carnivorous plant, by far the most embarrassing thing in my time with the game. Not far from the monstrosity, and watching my footing this time, we hear it do the hilarious sound I mentioned in the Hyde overview, as it was evolving. But we faced a challenge as we got the the ravine in the middle of the canyon… which side was it on!? This Ravine would leave us vulnerable and take a lot of time to pass from one side to another, valuable time that…we spent arguing at one another, that was, until Daisy dives into the water without hesitation. I could kiss that trapjaw, because when she passed over, she barked at a large rock which behind was the monster, mid evolution!

Dome down, me and my space canine unload for three seconds while the team finishes their swimming laps, dropping nearly an entire bar of before it emerges from the cocoon (usually it take the entire machine pistols clip just to take down half a bar of hp). Unlike my telling of assault, it was a constant job to place my harpoon mines and keep it close the entire fight (also, if harpoons can penetrate it’s skin, why the hell are we bothering with bullets?), but don’t worry, it’s as enjoyable to keep the monster from lifting more than ten feet off the ground as it was to play monster hunter as Hyde.

As the beast approached it’s last bar of HP, we all got trigger happy and fired away, but I made the biggest mistake as the trapper, as I didn’t do my job in keeping it at bay and the air squid flew off, with literally less than a 10th of that last bar left. After getting over my failure, we run back on the trail, right behind daisy. We passed a dune beetle, but I wasn’t too worried, as they aren’t like megamou-OMGWTF the dune beetle went from snail pace to 25-30mph and downed the assault (who has the most hp) in one-two hits! Plus all five of us had to focus fire to kill it, which was a whole seven seconds. Lucky, my brother was playing Lazarus, and got Hyde back up with no strikes. But heed my words, people, beware the beetles.

Moving on, the Kraken left a circle of footprints, which gave Daisy a headache trying to figure out. I took over and instead led HER to the tracks, which got her out of that funk real quick. In the large cavern ahead we found the armored up, LVL3 Kraken who regained a bar and a half from the evolution, this was gonna be tough. Fight as we tried, but it’s electricity and knock-backs were too strong, and downed everyone but me many times. Thankfully, me and Daisy can get two people up on their feet at once, another unique and well needed ability, as it can’t focus us both. The dome would be down soon, and the Kraken awaited escape at the edge of the dome, but I wouldn’t let this happen again. Me and Daisy, the only two left on our feet, agreed to f@ck reviving the rest of the team charged it head on, and won the match there and then. It was a great game, and I learned many things in that single match, mostly to watch my footing, to place them poons, how to fully utilize Daisy, and that learning to take the lead at the right times is essential to your entire team’s success at the hunt. What a game, this is.

Only two left, along with strategies and what not, you guys decide who I’ll talk about first.


Medic next!


I say books shall be written! A story emerges!


An Evolve comic series would be really cool