Evolve Gamechanger hasn't been updated in awhile


Neither Gorgon, nor Emet have been added to it, whereas the Lennox-Fam have. Is it not going to be updated ever? Or have you guys just not gotten around to doing it? The Gamechanger has been my main way of showing the characters off to friends, and I’d like to show off Gorgs, Emet, and KK without having to swap from there to YouTube. #Laziness


I second this, I love seeing all the gamechanger stuff and since the changed everything on there official site. That’s how I make my papers for monsters


Although I don’t really use it anymore, I did in my beginners days, and it would be great if it were to stay updated for other beginners too


@The_Specialist, @LordDerp, fully agree with both of you.


Is there anyone we can tag to draw attention to this??


No need to tag anyone. I’m sure the devs are aware. :slightly_smiling:


Alright then.


I don’t think 2K or TRS owns that site. A casual look at the whois shows that you can buy the domain name gamechanger.evolvegame.com for only 13 bucks, which means it was most likely owned by someone who forgot to renew the license a long time ago, hence lack of updates.


I never thought to check that. Makes a lot of sense if that’s the case.


Don’t get me wrong, its a cool idea and whatnot, but I don’t think it was ever an official site. Just something someone made who was a big fan of the game.


Then why is it accessible via Hunters Quest? Makes it seem official to me.


I was just doing some research on it, looks like it was official.


This makes it sound like it was updated to reflect ranked mode:

ANOTHER NOTE: The Game Changer site will only display stats for ranked matches. Ranked matches are Skirmish matches that players join via matchmaking. If this is a custom game you are invited to join, it will not be tracked on the leaderboards.

Edit: Nevermind, it just means a multiplayer match.


Hunters quest wasn’t done by 2K or TRS either.


I remember that article. Yeah, it almost seems like they’ve let it fall by the wayside because the app is getting shutdown or something. I hope once Kala drops they at least finish adding T5 in. That’d be nice.


Right, it was done by Cat Daddy. It’s still an official app. It doesn’t make sense that it would link you to a fan made stat site. Just my opinion.

Edit: Actually, it is a 2K game.


Well if its a 2K studio then wouldn’t it make sense to ask 2K to monitor the site? I still don’t think the site is official unless someone can provide proof of ownership. Right now the domain costs less than a movie ticket and there is no indication on the site that it is owned by 2K or TRS.


I’m not sure what you mean in that first question. As far as I know, registering a domain is always dirt cheap. It doesn’t matter who you are. I don’t know you’d go about proving ownership of a domain.

However, it would disturb me and also not make much sense to me if some random person was able to make a detailed stat site using people’s 2K logins and then, 2K decided to use their own app to link these people to it.

Edit: Regardless, I’d like to see it updated. That is all.


The first part is that if Cat Daddy is a 2K studio and links that site then 2K is more logical in owning it than TRS so this should be something brought on their site, not here. That being said, no one can just buy your domain, especially for cheap. If someone did own it then it would cost thousands of dollars otherwise anyone with money could by abc.com, google.com etc… Their is ownership of domain names. The fact that this one can be purchased for 13 bucks means either no one currently owns it, or someone that is not affiliated with 2K/TRS is ok with parting with it for 13 bucks.


I do to, I just think that posting here isn’t going to change anything as at best it is a 2K site, but even then I doubt it’s owned by anyone of importance.


Ah, you mean this thread should be brought up there. Yes, I agree. However, 2K is not the most responsive company ever. I think that’s why most people come here.

I wasn’t referring to a domain that is already owned. Yes, clearly if you can register the domain for cheap, the contract has likely lapsed.