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Hello fellow theorist and welcome to

Today on this subject where going to be talking about Evolve. The game that revolves around multiplayer gameplay and

monsters! Yes you heard me Monsters. Today we going to explore the wonders and mysteries of evolves monsters.

Now the basic story of this game is that there are four hunters trying to hunt down a Monster that’s terrorizing and killing the people on planet Shear.

That pretty much sums it up for the basic story,but wait there’s more. The monsters that the colonist of Shear are being attacked and brutally slaughtered by only appeared recently. Hmm that’s quite strange for something that was never encountered on that planet and suddenly started receiving attacks very recently. Do to these attacks they hired hunters,mercenaries and whatever madmen are willing to take down these monsters.

Now we only get most of the games story from the hunters dialouges. Now one of there dialouges mentionsThis isn’t the first planet that was attacked by these monsters Hmmm so we know that there not native to this planet and weren’t animals that just evolved into these monstrocities.

But wait there’s more I’ve seen a rocky monster and monster that layed eggs. Well the fact that there’s a monster that lay eggs seems normal and not out of the ordinary right? What if I tell you that none of the monster have the ability to reproduce.

Shocking isn’t it! Well here’s more. The monsters that are attacking shear are suggested to be man-made. Sounds unbelievable right? Well the signs of it being man-made is

1.They have intelligence and and try to stage up so they can succesfully gain the ability to destroy relays. Hmm why would a mindless monster specificly go after relays when they could just be roaming around and continue attacking civillians for more food.

2.They all are huminoid. The way these monsters are shaped and how they look and stand show lots of signs of it being based off a human. Here’s some photos to show you what I mean.

Pay close attention and you should notice the similarities of them looking huminoid.

3.they unaturaly eat a lot and then evolve into a better version of themselves. During the process ofevolve they grow giant pustills and those pustills explode and creating black fog or smoke revealing the new and improved version of the monster.

These are my reasons that they are man-made. Which also leads towards the basilisk corporation of being the main suspect. Why you ask? Because basilisk is a corporation that experiments with

mutagen! A substance that mutates organic things into something else based on what DNA it was mixed with. Basilisk corporation used that substance to create the mutant that we all know and love

Slim. He was the third gen or 2nd gen mutant that Basilisk created at an attempt to create perfect soldiors. These are signs that the basilisk corporation is behind it all in a attempt to screw over people from colonizing planets. But hey that’s just a theory

A Gamer theory thanks for reading.

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You forgot to say: “But that’s just a theory. A GAME theory!”

EDIT: never mind you said it in two parts.


I did though


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I like the picture of sanic the behemothhog


yep your trusty theorist Matpat is good at those doodles.

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Yep my fellow theorist basilisk corporation might be up to something.


“Humanoid”, please.


are you being sarcacastic and saying that they don’t even have huminoid features. Cause Those hips and thighs chest and arms say otherwise.


No, I’m pointing that you didn’t know how to spell “humanoid”.

You seem to have a creative mind for writing. That’s great! My advice to you is that you don’t neglect spell checking, proofreading and format.


oh yeah sorry I thought that was how you spelled humanoid my bad.


and with that creative mind is what made me a realy good monster player on evolve.

|on the beta atleast||I don’t have evolve I only played the beta.|

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Calling @MaddCow into this thread so he can be amazed by my theory.


Only because you asked me here. I saw it earlier but didn’t want to post :frowning:

There are 16 hunters. There just happen to be 4 at a location at one specific time.

The Wraith Trap map indicates that they had a trapped Wraith for some time.

There isn’t much suggestion of this, and in fact Caira disproves this a few times.

Those are just from a cursory glance :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t want to post here because I don’t want to poo poo your theory :stuck_out_tongue: Also, your grammar made me cry :’(


lols I’m terrible at writing big stories also did you not look. I said it’s just a theory. A GAME THEORY!


True, which is why I didn’t want to post :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t want people to NOT have theories. :stuck_out_tongue:


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