Evolve Game Not Responding In Game. PC problem or Game? [RESOLVED]

Hey Guys,

So I recently bought a new gaming laptop which is deffiantly powerful enough to run the game. I even tried the game when I first bought it and it ran beautifully. Now I tried recently and the game boots up fine and all the menus work but as soon as I join a game I get some really odd display.

The game sound and even some of the overlays like the hunters names display fine but the rest of the screen is flashy and doesn’t react so I just have a still picture of the game and therefore can’t play.

I have done several things to try resolve this:

-Reset Cache
-Reinstalled the game
-Checked my drivers were up to date
-tried capturing the fps
-lowered graphic settings
-restarting the PC

All of which haven’t made a difference. If anyone has any suggestions It would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

How about these? Ignore the gpu drivers part.

Yeah gave that a go and still the same. Its really odd because it gives a frozen flashing picture when your in game but the overlay part react like your health as monster for instance and doesn’t make sense.

Hmmmm @dysa72 any thoughts?

I’m just going to take a wild guess, but is your laptop set to using your dedicated gpu?

Right I have a wizard of a friend who managed to fix it. Basically turned off battery optimizing in the Geforce experience settings which I never turned on so that fixed it. Thanks for the help though guys.

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Ahhhhhhh, yes. You are not alone but I don’t recall it having this effect for others. Oy! Glad you got it sorted.

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So Grizzle you turned off battery optimizing in Geforce and that fixed it?

We’re having a hard time finding this setting – is it in Nvidia Control Panel, or somewhere else? GeForce Experience doesn’t seem to have much in it in the way of settings.

Unlocked so @GrizzleMarine can respond.

Are you on a desktop? The setting is presumably only available through a laptop because that is battery based unlike a desktop so therefore no need for the setting in that version.

Just to add I’m not quite sure why I called it Battery Optimising since its actually called “Battery Boost” which is supposedly meant to allow you to game for longer but when ticked really screws the game up as I explained above.

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See Screenshot:

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Thanks, yeah, it’s not visible to us in the engine department as we are all on desktops. I’ll put this in the bug DB and ask QA to demo it for us on a laptop.

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