Evolve game modes question, help please!


Hey guys, so i keep hesring evolve has 4 game modes. However i only see hunt when selecting The game mode. I have the season pass If that matters at all. Please help! Is there something im missing???


You view and play them in custom. They are Rescue, Nest, and Defend.


The other gamemodes are available in custom mode and in evacuation mode. Skirmish only includes Hunt.

All gamemodes are free, no season pass needed.


Doesnt custom only mean private matches? Or they are public too?


Custom matches are private only, correct.

If you want a public match on other gamemodes, you should play Evacuation mode.


Ill give it a shot is evac public Skrimish?


Sometimes Skirmish may bug out and start new round in other game mode than hunt.


Multiplayer then go to evac and you should see PVP or COOP options


According to the in-game text, this isn’t supposed to happen. It says it’s hunt mode only.

@Jonathan_D Evac is a gamemode where you play 5 matches, each match gives the winner a bonus in the next match. It starts with Hunt, then the next 3 are chosen by the players (out of 2 random gamemodes/maps, defend not included) and the final match is defend mode.
You can choose evac mode in the same menu as skirmish. It has co-op (4 players vs AI monster) and PVP (4 players vs player monster)