Evolve Game Guide?


What do people think about a game guide? As in a big book that gives an in depth description of every hunter, map and monster. I know a lot of games do these and I would definitely like to see one for Evolve.


Sounds awsome


Pretty sure it will have one. And if not the forums work as well :smile:


With all the online wikis, FAQ/walkthroughs, and YouTube gameplay/walkthroughs videos game guides are kinda becoming obsolete, which I actually find kinda sad, cause i love the pics that come with it


I’d still totally buy it


Same here. It feels more organised having a book rather than searching around the internet for strategies etc



For us in Europe who don´t want to pay shipment: http://www.bookdepository.com/Evolve-Official-Strategy-Guide/9780744015706

Anyone knows if there will be more than one version?