Evolve game crash after 10-15 minutes


first this problem isn’t mine. one of my firend have it but he don’t know english so he ask me to ask yours well he start’s the game join the loby and start a mach togheter after 10 min we play his game give black screen and throw’s to deskop no crash error nothing just his game shut’s down like that what is the matter he and ı try everything but we find nothing we start antoher mach 10 minute later my firend’s seen disconetcted and throw him again to deskop is there any solutions pls ??


Its PC right? Is it exactly 10mins every time? I mean the first thing that came to my mind was overheating of the GPU. Evolve heats up the GFX like no other game I have personally played. Not even graphic benchmarks such as 3DMark heat up that much.

If temperatures are fine, validate all the file. Right click Evolve --> Settings --> Local Files --> Verify integrity of game cache.

I there is any files that failed to validate they will be updates,. Those options should be first ones to rule out as they are the common reasons.


yeah it’s pc steam version his pc system is very op he use gtx 970 and my is gtx 650 but don’t have any issues he has not any overheat problem and he tried already validate the game files but nothing is chanced


I also get random crashes, and all don’t give an error when the game closes. It just closes my game to my desktop. Could be my modified Win8.1 OS that is not showing the errors, but I get errors from other programs so it might just be Evolve.