Evolve Game Changer Stats Site


Stats seem a bit off, I guess that could be down to 2k being down every now and again…seems odd for that though.


For some reason website isn’t loading properly for me. I’ll try checking back in a few hours.


Apparently my play hours per class of 7 + 22 + 19+ 10 = 10.

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Same issue here, my total time is pretty off, although the individual times seem pretty accurate

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A little strange that the site hasn’t been more advertised by TRS as well. It even includes the basic and advanced tutorials for all of the hunters!


I assume because it’s a WIP and we found it by accident.


My thoughts as well. I found it through the app originally, and it did seem kind of buried. I’d love to see where it goes if it is in fact a WIP, as the list of statistics to track for the game is quite extensive.


I love it, I like how it has a WIP section for leaderboards and even shows what could be an app for that.


An independent app would be fantastic, similar to Battlelog for battlefield.


OOOOHHHH! In the map section you can get a clean unmarked image for each of the maps! I want to do thing with these!
I was planning on making a couple of images with the maps to use as reference while I play. I’ve seen some of these maps in a fansite, but I didn’t know what the origin of the base maps was.


this what you’re talking about?

They have maps with the wildlife perk locations that change up, but they’re always in the same spot. They also have some maps to recommend where to battle and such.

I was wondering where they got them, too :smile:

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Exactly! Now I have material to make my own experiments with maps :slight_smile:
For example, I’d love to have an image with 6 maps each on each of my two side monitors, for reference.


Agreed, having a second screen is hugely beneficial and can really give you a competitive edge.

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Actually, the ideal for this kind of game would be to have a functional full screen map on a second screen, be it a secondary monitor or a tablet for example.
Few games implement this kind of option. I remember how Supreme Commander and its sequel let you use a second monitor as a dynamic map view. It’s really great.

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This is one of my all-time favourite game features and I wish it was magically easy to code into every game. The little after-game reports for Evolve are fantastic but entirely under-explored, given their potential. So much time and energy was poured into developing the mobile app and the replay feature, but many players won’t be exposed to it because not all Evolve players will use smartphones or make use of the app (even though it’s free and addictive!).

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I wish it was more widespread. But for what I know, having more than one monitor is not something so unusual nowadays. Developers should implement it more often.

Someone posted the gamechanger, I found cool stats

The map summary thing is one of my favorite features of the whole game, especially seeing some of the close moments or impressive dodges made by the monster. There is a replay feature on the app currently, but I agree that a large amount of potential still exists.

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Has anyone else not been able to access the site for, probably the past week or so?

or is it just me

All I get is the evolve logo/loading gif on constant loop

running Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 (Current)


Same for me, I wonder if it is being updated for T4.


Online stats never load (tried with ie, opera, chrome, firefox, safari)


same problem with the mobile app (android)