Evolve Game Changer Stats Site


So I didn’t even know this existed, not sure if it’s advertised somewhere? It’s the stats portal for evolve, and it’s pretty well done! I was just wondering if in the future there will be some new additions? It’s fairly bare-bones right now, only outlining win-loss statistics for hunters and monsters. I would love to see tracking of abilities, weapons, elite unlocks, badges, etc.

I’m a bit of a hype for excessive stat tracking, just something about seeing all your matches in quantitative values and what not is always interesting. Here’s the link the stats portal if anyone else doesn’t know about it, I might have just made a super obvious discovery and this post is mostly irrelevant, but hopefully TRS does look into implementing more in-depth statistics and details!

Online stats are k.o

Thank you! I know this was linked in the Hunters Quest app, but I had no idea there were stats!


This thread is beautiful, everyone should read it


Same here! I just discovered it today!

Why thank you very much, and I agree that TRS should spread the word, its a very nice stats portal and I’d love to see increased support for it!


Yeah, it’s a great site that no-one knows about.
I can’t wait for it to get leaderboards as well, and I’m hoping that eventually we can get replays there as well


this thread deserves so much win! damn i had no idea there were such an amazing tool :smiley:


Especially the Encyclopedia! It’s got tons of information on all the hunters, monsters, wildlife, and maps.


Stats seem a bit off, I guess that could be down to 2k being down every now and again…seems odd for that though.


For some reason website isn’t loading properly for me. I’ll try checking back in a few hours.


Apparently my play hours per class of 7 + 22 + 19+ 10 = 10.


Same issue here, my total time is pretty off, although the individual times seem pretty accurate


A little strange that the site hasn’t been more advertised by TRS as well. It even includes the basic and advanced tutorials for all of the hunters!


I assume because it’s a WIP and we found it by accident.


My thoughts as well. I found it through the app originally, and it did seem kind of buried. I’d love to see where it goes if it is in fact a WIP, as the list of statistics to track for the game is quite extensive.


I love it, I like how it has a WIP section for leaderboards and even shows what could be an app for that.


An independent app would be fantastic, similar to Battlelog for battlefield.


OOOOHHHH! In the map section you can get a clean unmarked image for each of the maps! I want to do thing with these!
I was planning on making a couple of images with the maps to use as reference while I play. I’ve seen some of these maps in a fansite, but I didn’t know what the origin of the base maps was.


this what you’re talking about?

They have maps with the wildlife perk locations that change up, but they’re always in the same spot. They also have some maps to recommend where to battle and such.

I was wondering where they got them, too :smile:


Exactly! Now I have material to make my own experiments with maps :slight_smile:
For example, I’d love to have an image with 6 maps each on each of my two side monitors, for reference.


Agreed, having a second screen is hugely beneficial and can really give you a competitive edge.