Evolve Future Plans for DLC Content (Hunting Season Pass 2)

Hello again. After my jaw hit the floor after reading the date for the hunting season pass 2 (which was March 31, 2016), I started to get really confused. To me, seeing the fifth assault character made me think that the rest was coming out very soon (July or August). To know this is now a 9 month project worries me greatly. Its not that i cant wait for the DLC (cause I can), Its because this might be Evolves last monster. There is no way a studio would keep making projects this long. If a monster costs too much money to make and a very very long time to design... then I do not see a future with many more monsters (it sounds like turtle rocks final stand) . Now game modes have been lacking and so are maps, I get why you want to focus on them instead of monsters and hunters. The problem is that we have enough hunters, enough ways to hunt, and enough ways to fight. But we do not have enough monsters and thats a big problem. 4 monsters will get boring after awhile, and I love this game and want to see it succeed. So here are some future tips to make this game the best it can be. Since the monster is the game and the goal of the hunt in general, Turtle rock needs to hit a variety of monsters to satisfy the consumer. Now while you work on the fifth monster you should pre plan two more monsters by the end of this year (I said Pre-Plan not release XD). Since its the summer and most people are on break, you should ask your community for the pre-plans, have a fun competition of sorts. This will help comfort the community and let their fantasies run away with them. Focus only on these two monsters (once you have time). these 2 monsters will be the satisfaction point (no hunters, just monsters). In total we would have seven. Make sure that these monsters dont linger on to 2017…and besides that that`s really much it :relaxed: . Thank For Reading This And Have A Great Day.

Like said many times before we don’t know the exact release time frame but the key word in “by March 31, 2016” is by because that means it can be released easily way before that.


For the last time. This is just the legal jargon.

Between now and June 24, 2016 I will have at least one birthday. And you don’t know when it is. It could be in a few days. It could be next month. Just like TRS knows when they are releasing them, by at least that date.

Calm down.


That’s a great way to put it, I’m going to steal that :wink:


Exactly, they’re probably gonna do a Tuesday release until Tier 5 comes out, which means Trapper will be Tuesday, the following Tuesday will be Medic, the Tuesday after that will be Support, and the 5th Tuesday (July 21) will be the Monster.


I personally think it’s going to be every two weeks.

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I think the Monster will be released in the middle, actually. Seeing as the original PCMR included two Hunters and the Monster.


That would make sense to me.

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I thought that to, but the date seems too fishy and it would be a horrible marketing plan for scare tactics… knowing them they will give out a game mode for the summer and maybe one hunter every two months

I understand but trust me, this is just legal stuff.

T5 will be released BY March 31st 2016 not on. Also, quoting TRS from a news article:

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It said prior to march 31st which is way to long to wait I don’t mind waiting for the hunters and I love this game seriously it’s my favorite game period. But it’s taking way to long to release its dlc I hope they read these complaints because I’m not mad I’m confused. It may cost a lot of money but it’s all digital so no technically it costs whatever you pay for wifi the computer and the software you designe it in which may be expensive but come on 9 months?! I am very exited for the new monster that’s what I’m waiting for and also maybe the new trapper and support they look sweet. Don’t think this is hate cuz it’s not I love love love this Danm game. But I need a new monster

It’s wednsday now lol so they aren releasing them every tuesday

I noticed, lol. Hopefully it will be bi-weekly?


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That would be a nice idea but it will probably be once a month

I’m honestly not suprised if they add the monster on Halloween

Maybe they will add a horror skin challange on Halloween and have all maps night only for it too

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I would greatly enjoy this!

And the rest will be out before the end of the year I believe.