Evolve "freezing"


Posting this for my roommate.

Anytime he loads the game, the first time or two it will just close at the first trs load screen, no errors or anything.

Once he gets in, he’ll lock his character and the countdown in the top right will stop. No one else can load into the match until he alt+f4’s his game. Then we all load in just fine. It does not show as “Not Responding” in task manager. Appears to be running normally. Except for the whole freezing thing.

Have tried validating in steam.

He has an FX-9590 and 295x2 on a Formula-Z motherboard if that’s relevant.

He just installed a fresh Win 8.1 OS.





Oh, and also far away buildings flicker for some reason.


Sounds like an issue with the rig itself, and his software, but I can’t tell for sure.


Every other game is fine.


It’s most likely a software issue then. I would suggest refreshing or replacing or updating drivers or whatever, but I’m not that great with computers…

Hey @WiBaKi think you can help? Don’t kill me for summoning you, lol.

@YroPro WiBaki is the tech maestro around here. He should be a dev, or a mod, or something.


Ermm since he can go in-game i don’t think i can do much.Its just weird.Just out of curiosity does he have any multi-monitors or something?Like playing in resolutions higher than 1920x1080?


Welp, I reinstalled the game, for the second time. His frame rate went up ~20fps on average, the flickering is gone, and it’s not freezing. No idea why this fixed it. As an IT guy for a living, this make no sense to me.



He only got 20 fps? :open_mouth:


Went UP lol. And closer to 30 actually. From 50FPS to 80FPS solid now. We both have them. I was going to get a second for myself, but it ended up being his Christmas present.


Oh okay that makes sense.Also keep in mind v-sync is somehow interfering bad with the game.Just keep it closed to be sure


No v-sync, 144hz monitor.