Evolve freezing/crashing


I play evolve on Xbox one primarily. I’ve noticed this game has started freezing more often mid game causing everyone to look like they’re running in place. it never recovered, causing everybody to have to quit the game. I’ve also had this game crash out to the Xbox one dashboard lately too. It’s happening with more frequency lately.


Is the monster playing Behemoth?


The last two times, yes. I also just finished the game where it appeared we killed behemoth (saw death animation), but then birds were startled 200 meters away. He was glitched out and invisible with a sliver of health. Luckily somebody shot around and randomly hit him, ending the match.


There’s the problem. With Behemoth, the server sometimes crashes for some reason. It will not reload, so you have to leave the game; and start over. It gets annoying, but there isn’t much you can do.

I believe TRS is looking into the matter.


I would hope they are…